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Middle East Solution

Meet Dennis Richardson & Monica Wehby

Baker County Republicans
Unity Event
Ice Cream & Pie Social
Gubernatorial Candidate Dennis Richardson
Senatorial Candidate Dr. Monica Wehby
Saturday, July 19th, 2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
At:   The Harvey Home at 14529 S. Rock Creek Lane, Haines, Oregon

For more information, please call 541-519-5035 for more information, directions or to RSVP




Why Marriage and Family are Important














Elgin Stampede Parade

Elgin Stampede Parade
July 13th , 2014
Elgin, OR
Please join us!!

-Line up at 9:30am-

Please join us in supporting candidates and Republican values by riding on the float.

We will be providing water and tossing candy!

The float looks great and will hold many volunteers!

For more information:

Doug Osburn-Union County Chair
Greg Barreto 541-910-5246


Protect Oregon Driver Licenses Referendum


There is one ballot measure in November that will really bring out Republican voters.  Protect Oregon Driver Licenses (PODL) was successful in gathering over 77,000 signatures on their citizens veto referendum to overturn the bill which required the DMV to issue driver cards to illegal aliens.   We need to urge voters to vote NO on this measure in November.

PODL would like to mail every Republican County Party information packed brochures and other materials for their members to pass out at local events this summer.  The Oregon Republican Party has endorsed the referendum to overturn the driver card bill and the Republican Party platform has a plank in opposition to giving Oregon driver cards to illegal aliens.

Two of the Chief Petitioners and endorsers of the referendum are Representative Sal Esquivel (R- Medford) and Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer).  Also, Senator Tim Knopp and Senator Jeff Kruse have endorsed the referendum campaign.  The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (Sheriffs of Oregon PAC) has also given their endorsement to the referendum campaign.  The ORP platform is clear on illegal immigration.  Needless to say, voters who turn out for this measure are likely to vote for Republicans up and down the ticket.

If you would like materials such as buttons, pencils, informational brochures about the referendum, etc. to distribute at your events this summer, or if you would like PODL volunteers to help staff your booth, please contact Cynthia Kendoll at or by phone at (503) 581-6485 and Protect Oregon Driver Licenses will send them out to you.

If you would like to invite a speaker to attend one of your meetings to talk about the referendum, what’s happening on the border or any other immigration related topic please contact Cynthia!

Thank you so very much!


Mike Nearman

Chair, Polk County Republican Party

2nd Amendment


New UCRCC Meeting Time! 7 PM

Union County Republicans Monthly Meeting
New meeting time:  7PM
Wednesday July 9, 2014
Campaign Office:
1405 Washington Ave.
La Grande, OR 9850
Call the meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Old business:
Elgin Stampede Parade 7/13
Huckleberry Festival  7/26- North Powder
Fair Booth clean up and repairs
Union County Fair Booth 7/30- 8/2New business:
Donations to candidates’ campaigns
Re-opening office a 1405 Washington Ave, La Grande
Becky Lemler’s letter- Oregon PCP News/ Chair’s response
Next scheduled meeting: August 13th, 2013
Other new business
Meeting Adjourned

Please call 541-910-4352  if you have any questions.





Coming: Dennis Richardson AND Dr. Monica Wehby

The Imperial Presidency


Obama Scandal Madness!


4th of July Parade in Imber- Join us!


4th of July Parade
Imbler, OR
Line up at High School at 11:00am


Union County Republicans are going to be participating in a full schedule of parades this summer. Please join us in supporting candidates and Republican values by riding on the float.We will be providing water and tossing candy! The float looks great and will hold many volunteers!For more information:

Doug Osburn-Union County Chair
Greg Barreto 541-910-5246







Common Core in a Nutshell

Gathering of Eagles 8/9/14

Early bird discounts till July 11th!
We are just 6 weeks away from the most Patriotic Event in the Northwest and I am excited to announce our final two speakers!
Thomas McDevitt is the Chairman of the Board of The Washington Times, this nation’s most prestigious and patriotic newspaper that serves as a conduit of conservative voices for freedom. Thomas is one of our last fortresses and one of our last hopes to serve and save America!

He is, in my own words, is one of the most remarkable men I have ever met. He is a man of godly character who looks for God’s Spirit in every man. He has the talent, the desire, the passion, wisdom and vision to find new possibilities in new leaders.

In my friendship with him I have learned that he believes and thinks that we must change men and women’s hearts.  We can begin, all of us, by creating a much greater awareness of the need to draw people’s hearts and minds to God. He works in creating that new awareness of our world through rekindling of the human heart, by reviving our faith and foundations in our country, by restoring our courage and our love of country.  He knows that through hope, faith, and awareness of the world situation that we can change our world.

Thomas’ vision, and the vision of The Washington Times has given this nation new courage, hope and insight into what is happening to our country. He hopes by speaking here that he can help change and renew America to where it once was.  I am honored to welcome him!

Gov. Jim Gilmore  is a former RNC Chairman.  He served as the 68th governor of Virginia from 1998 to 2002 and gained national prominence during his campaign and governorship by advocating conservative policies that directly addressed the daily concerns of working men and women which included improving education in Virginia and providing tax relief to the working families. As a noted leader on technology issues, he created the nation’s first secretariat in technology, established a statewide technology commission, and signed into law the nation’s first comprehensive state internet policy. He chaired the Republican National Committee from 2001 until 2002.

I am honored to have both of these men along with our other speakers of such great accomplishments, integrity and vision.

If you have not registered for this event yet I encourage you to do so now while the Early Bird discounted ticket rate applies.  I also encourage you to share this event with a conservative friend.  Forward this email, pick up the phone and call or invite them in person to be apart of celebrating freedom and renewing America!

More info to come on speakers topics and schedules as the event gets closer.

God Bless,

Dr. W. Ames Curtright


What is the 
The Gathering of the Eagles is a gathering of people who believe in the principles, spirit and system of government in accordance with our Constitution. The GOE blends organizations representing Tea Party, Conservative Republican, Independent, Libertarian and Freedom-Loving, God-Fearing Americans. A wholesome event & family-style BBQ for the whole family. Celebrating Freedom, Faith, Family & Patriotism.
More information:

10AM – 5 PM

Turner, OR

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”
Abraham Lincoln
Facebook     View our videos on YouTube
More info- 503.931.1904
Ames Eagles | PO Box 1350 | Jefferson | OR | 97070

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Too late to apologize to Mitt Romney

Wehby for Senate – “Drive”

Fix it Fail: Just Another ObamaCare Lie

Economic Growth Figures Revised Downward

The Department of Commerce reports that the nation’s economy contracted at an annual rate of about 2.9 percent during the first quarter of this year.


Faiths File Amicus Brief on Traditional Marriage

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