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Representative Greg Barreto Submits Letter To Governor Kate Brown Regarding Syrian Refugees In Oregon

Salem, OR – State Representative Greg Barreto (R-Cove) submitted the following letter to Governor Kate Brown regarding Syrian refugees in Oregon:

November 20, 2015

Dear Governor Brown,

Because of your position and the responsibility it carries, the decisions you are often faced with are a difficult and delicate balancing act.  Nevertheless, they are decisions that must be made after careful thought, wise counsel and sometimes anguish.  That being said, I would appeal to you along with many of my constituents, that you reconsider your stated position on Syrian refugees coming to Oregon.  We are all extremely opposed to your position and are very concerned for the safety and security of the people in our state.  I think we all agree that many of these refugees are in need of help and safe haven to protect them from the ill treatment from which they are fleeing and I, without a doubt, think most of us are very compassionate and desire to be good Samaritans.  But compassion does not trump prudence and common sense when calculating the risk.  We should in no way discount the responsibility we assumed to protect our citizens and that should be the driving force behind our decisions.  There are other means by which to help these displaced refugees without putting Oregon at risk of experiencing situations such as Paris and similar attacks in other parts of the world.

Currently, there are no failsafe vetting processes that have been generated.  There are no databases to work against and Syria does not have the government records necessary to verify that each individual is actually who they say they are.  We have no way to determine if one or more are on a mission to deceive and destroy.  ISIS does not operate by conventional means but is constantly searching for any and all creative methods of penetrating our defenses and taking us out.  We are dealing with an organization that thrives on shrewd means of deception to carry out their terrorist activity against those they hate.  The refugee program is to them simply another vehicle they are using to continue their agenda of terror.  To see this is not difficult, to find a solution is.

Until we come up with a secure vetting system we should focus on finding other solutions to procure sanctuary for these displaced people.

I urge you to please reevaluate your current position on this issue and take more time to assess all options.  Demand a secure and foolproof vetting process before we even consider proceeding and make the safety of our citizens your number one priority.

Thank you Governor for your time and consideration.


Greg Barreto
State Representative HD-58

Hillary Zombies

Illustrating why intelligent political discourse can be difficult in America today.

Conservatives in Oregon

NE Oregon is a sad place to be if you believe in conservative principles. At least we have Ron Wyden who is rated as one of the best of the worst.

NE Oregon Conservatives


The Liberty Score® grades members of Congress on the top 50 votes over the past six years. The rolling six-year window shows a more accurate picture of a lawmaker’s performance than the traditional one or two-year scoring methods. The Liberty Score® empowers conservatives to quickly determine if a politician is supporting conservative principles separating their rhetoric from reality. Members elected after to 2009 will have scores based on less than 50 key votes.
Scores are determined by points earned divided by potential points. Voting with the conservative position earns 1 point, voting against the conservative position earns 0 points. Missed votes are not included in a member of Congress’ score. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine if a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles. The Liberty Score® helps evaluate your Representatives and Senators, providing the tools necessary to separate rhetoric from reality.

GREG WALDEN AT A GLANCE  (by Conservative Review)

Greg Walden was first elected to Congress in 1998. Prior to serving in the House, Walden owned and operated various radio stations throughout the state of Oregon. From 1988 through 1995, Walden was a member of the Oregon State House of Representatives. In 1995, he was appointed to the state senate to fill a vacancy although he did not seek a second term.

At present, he is the only Republican representative from the state of Oregon.

Despite representing an overwhelmingly Republican district, Walden is not conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He is a member of the moderate Republican Main Street Partnership, which was founded in the wake of the 1994 Republican Revolution to “further a centrist, pragmatic Republican agenda — one that could accommodate bipartisan legislative results.” (Republican Main Street Partnership)

During his time in Congress, Walden has consistently voted for bigger government. He voted in favor of both TARP bills and in favor of the 2008 “stimulus” bill. He has also consistently votes in favor of maintaining union wage subsidies by voting in favor of Davis-Bacon provisions; regulations that drastically drive up the cost of labor on federal projects.

In 2014, President Obama proposed making reforms to Social Security and Medicare systems. The changes would have restrained federal entitlement spending. Walden complained that the president was “trying to balance this budget on the backs of seniors”. (CNN)

One bright spot in Walden’s record is his vote against ending the 2013 government shutdown. At the time he stated: “Every day, families throughout Oregon and the country sit down around their kitchen tables to balance their budgets and discuss crises and practical ways to resolve them.  It’s long overdue that Washington, D.C. do the same.”Unfortunately, Walden’s actions do not always reflect that view. One departure from that rhetoric came in 2014, when he voted in favor of the “CRomnibus” legislation that funded the president’s executive amnesty program.

As the Club for Growth pointed out, “We always knew Greg Walden had a liberal record, but he really cemented it with his public opposition to even modest entitlement reform. Greg Walden has voted for bailing out Wall Street, dozens of pork projects, and against cutting the spending from the Obama stimulus. He even voted against blocking taxpayer subsidies for Viagra. Greg Walden should be held accountable for his anti-growth voting record as well as his anti-growth rhetoric.” (Huffington Post)

Support for big government has benefited Walden personally. He has grown close to House GOP leadership and Speaker John Boehner has called Representative Walden his “go-to-guy”. (NPR) Following the 2012 general election, Walden became Chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee where he has worked to protect the GOP establishment from more conservative challengers. He was re-elected to that post in 2014 and currently sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee. He is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

A Good Day for the Constitution

It was a good day for the Constitution:


Tea Party candidates win big in Kentucky:


Are Liberals losing the Culture Wars?


Is the Republican Party ready to take up the Conservative flag and fight?


The FBI steps up its investigation of Hillary’s illegal activities:


A United States Marine responds to the spoiled babies on college campuses:


Obama and his leftist policies are repudiated by the voters:


Obama continues to single-handedly destroy the Democrat Party:


Fiscal and social Conservative, Dennis Richardson announces his bid for Oregon Secretary of State:


Please consider helping Dennis in his campaign to bring some accountability to Oregon government:


Time is running out for the very worst, in every way imaginable, President in US history…we can’t wait!


Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750


Republicans Gains at Local and State Level

These numbers will also improve by the 2016 election.


Conservative Review Scorecard, 11/04


Home Run by Ted Cruz

Candidate coming to La Grande

Dr. William C. “Bud” Pierce, Republican candidate for Governor of Oregon, will be in La Grande on October 28th.  A “Meet and Greet” at EOU from 12:45 to 1:30pm

Please show your support. This is not an endorsement, but it is good for us to know all the people running as Republicans in Oregon.

Check out his website for more information.Please try and attend and meet the first of the candidates to come to La Grande.

Please share this announcement.Thank you!

Data from the FBI and Pew Research Center


Marco Rubio Interview

Another strong Republican candidate. Very impressive.

Ted Cruz Interview

Here’s What Would Be Happening if President Romney Had Bombed a Hospital in Afghanistan


No Government Experience Required

The Founding Fathers wanted a citizen government…not a ruling class of elitist bureaucrats:


Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom:


Islamic Sharia Law is not compatible with the inspired US Constitution and the first amendment:


Hillary, if elected, vows to use executive orders to take away our right to keep and bear arms:


Democrat calls for executive action to restrict gun sales cause record gun sales in September:


According to recent polls, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is more popular than Hillary Clinton:


Okay…pick just one word to describe Hillary Clinton:


The US Chamber of Commerce declares war on Conservative Republicans:


Make America Great Again! The folks agree with Trump campaign theme:


Ben Carson for President web site details his position on important issues of the day:


Ha…ha!  Apparently, LEGAL immigrants Love Donald Trump:


Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers

Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA

1615 4th Street

La Grande OR  97850

(541) 963-7930

Fax (541) 963-7750



Five Things You Didn’t Know About Citizens United

Deadline Extended for OAR 165-005-0170

The deadline has been extended to Oct 23rd, 2015.

We have an opportunity to comment on the “Motor Voter” rules.  Please consider adding your comments and testimony, this could impact all future elections.

From: Summer S. Davis

The Elections Division is extending the deadline for comments on proposed OAR 165-005-0170 (Draft Oregon Motor Voter Registration Manual) to October 23, 2015.

Our office has received extensive comments and suggestions about the contents of the mailer that will go out to potential registrants under the Oregon Motor Voter (OMV) program. Attached please find a draft of the OMV Mailer and Letter. The Elections Division is especially interested in feedback on the attached draft documents. All comments received to date will also be considered.

Written comments can be delivered as follows:


faxed: 503-373-7414

delivered or mailed: 255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 501, Salem, OR  97310


To be considered, comments must be received by 5:00 PM on October 23, 2015. For more information, go to


If you would like to be removed from the Elections Division administrative rules interested parties list, please respond to this email.




Summer S. Davis

Initiative, Referendum, Referral Specialist

Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division

255 Capitol Street NE Ste 501

Salem OR  97310


The Real Story in Washington

Wow, even though I knew most of it, I’ll never again look at Washington politics in quite the same way. Fiat justitia ruat caelum

ORP Platform – 09/08/2015









Big news in the world of Republican Politics


Today there is some big news in the world of Republican politics.  We all know that the Oregon Republican Party is not the Washington D.C. establishment you hear about.  However, often Oregonians are upset with the ORP for what goes on with the elected leaders from other states and even those who are in charge at the national level.  We hear you! Many times your local Republican leaders are among those rallying the loudest for change at the national level as well as here in Oregon.  That is one of the reasons republicans across this state are working so hard to implement the new plan for Republican Victory in Oregon in 2016.  In Oregon, your Republican Party is working to change government at the local and national level.

We hear your concerns about not getting enough change while Obama is still President, and we hear the complaints about “establishment” not standing up strong enough for our Republican principles.  We want you to know that we aren’t the establishment and want conservative solutions just as much as you do! We know that you don’t want your candidates to be anything like the Democrats.  These are some of the reasons we are working with your local Republican leaders at all levels of Oregon politics to build a new strong Republican Party.

We are building an Oregon Republican Party that can win and save our state from the failed policies and corruption of the Democrats. However, with your help we can do that both in Oregon AND in D.C. as we elect more strong Republicans to Congress, the Senate, and to statewide offices in Oregon.  That is how we can do our part in Oregon to shape the leadership and direction in Washington D.C.

Your Oregon Republican Party continues to:

  • Call for an end to Obamacare as Americans see their Obamacare subsidies come to an end and insurance premiums skyrocket.
  • Call for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
  • Plan to make Oregon a Right to Work state and give many Oregonians back their $200-$300 per month that is taken away by union dues that go straight to Democrat campaigns.
  • Oppose the closing and waste of our forests and timberlands while our families in rural communities suffer.
  • Fight to improve our schools and educational opportunities through competition and school choice.
  • Fight to roll back the infringements on your First and Second Amendment rights.
  • Battle tax and fee increases coming from the Democrats’ insatiable appetite for your money.
  • Lead the charge to end the culture of corruption that has plagued our state from nearly 3 decades of Democrat power.
  • Take every opportunity to remove layer after layer of government red tape to give all Oregonians an opportunity to succeed.

We need your help, we need your input. The success of your Republican Party in saving this state depends on you and those like you.  Can you volunteer? Can you donate? Can you help us influence others to join us in this fight?   Click here to let us know or to take our survey. You can find out more about what you can do to help or find out when events will be by contacting your local republican leaders.  Click here to find out how to contact leaders in your area.

You can view our website or LIKE us on facebook, or follow us on twitter @Oregon_GOP.


Can you contribute $5, $10, $20 or more per month to fund an ongoing effort to counter the liberal progressive political machine? Or can you donate you time and contact your local county Republican Central Committee and get involved with your local Republicans?  Click here.  Please share and forward this e-mail to everyone you can!

Oregon Republican Party


Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.

The Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right that belongs to all law-abiding Americans. The Constitution doesn’t create that right – it ensures that the government can’t take it away. Our Founding Fathers knew, and our Supreme Court has upheld, that the Second Amendment’s purpose is to guarantee our right to defend ourselves and our families. This is about self-defense, plain and simple.

It’s been said that the Second Amendment is America’s first freedom. That’s because the Right to Keep and Bear Arms protects all our other rights. We are the only country in the world that has a Second Amendment. Protecting that freedom is imperative. Here’s how we will do that:

Enforce The Laws On The Books

We need to get serious about prosecuting violent criminals. The Obama administration’s record on that is abysmal. Violent crime in cities like Baltimore, Chicago and many others is out of control. Drug dealers and gang members are given a slap on the wrist and turned loose on the street. This needs to stop.

Several years ago there was a tremendous program in Richmond, Virginia called Project Exile. It said that if a violent felon uses a gun to commit a crime, you will be prosecuted in federal court and go to prison for five years – no parole or early release. Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, called that a “cookie cutter” program. That’s ridiculous. I call that program a success. Murders committed with guns in Richmond decreased by over 60% when Project Exile was in place – in the first two years of the program alone, 350 armed felons were taken off the street.

Why does that matter to law-abiding gun owners? Because they’re the ones who anti-gun politicians and the media blame when criminals misuse guns. We need to bring back and expand programs like Project Exile and get gang members and drug dealers off the street. When we do, crime will go down and our cities and communities will be safer places to live.

Here’s another important way to fight crime – empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. Law enforcement is great, they do a tremendous job, but they can’t be everywhere all of the time. Our personal protection is ultimately up to us. That’s why I’m a gun owner, that’s why I have a concealed carry permit, and that’s why tens of millions of Americans have concealed carry permits as well. It’s just common sense. To make America great again, we’re going to go after criminals and put the law back on the side of the law-abiding.

Fix Our Broken Mental Health System

Let’s be clear about this. Our mental health system is broken. It needs to be fixed. Too many politicians have ignored this problem for too long.

All of the tragic mass murders that occurred in the past several years have something in common – there were red flags that were ignored. We can’t allow that to continue. We need to expand treatment programs, because most people with mental health problems aren’t violent, they just need help. But for those who are violent, a danger to themselves or others, we need to get them off the street before they can terrorize our communities. This is just common sense.

And why does this matter to law-abiding gun owners? Once again, because they get blamed by anti-gun politicians, gun control groups and the media for the acts of deranged madmen. When one of these tragedies occurs, we can count on two things: one, that opponents of gun rights will immediately exploit it to push their political agenda; and two, that none of their so-called “solutions” would have prevented the tragedy in the first place. They’ve even admitted it.

We need real solutions to address real problems. Not grandstanding or political agendas.

Defend The Rights of Law-Abiding Gun Owners

GUN AND MAGAZINE BANS. Gun and magazine bans are a total failure. That’s been proven every time it’s been tried. Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like “assault weapons”, “military-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” to confuse people. What they’re really talking about are popular semi-automatic rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of Americans. Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own.

BACKGROUND CHECKS. There has been a national background check system in place since 1998. Every time a person buys a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer – which is the overwhelming majority of all gun purchases – they go through a federal background check. Study after study has shown that very few criminals are stupid enough to try and pass a background check – they get their guns from friends/family members or by stealing them. So the overwhelming majority of people who go through background checks are law-abiding gun owners. When the system was created, gun owners were promised that it would be instant, accurate and fair. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case today. Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health records into the system – and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to be as effective as the records that are put into it. What we need to do is fix the system we have and make it work as intended. What we don’t need to do is expand a broken system.

NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.

MILITARY BASES AND RECRUITING CENTERS. Banning our military from carrying firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous. We train our military how to safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless. To make America great again, we need a strong military. To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves.

Now is the Time for Reform

The Democrats are destroying America…and the establishment Republicans are not stopping them.  Now is the time for reform!  We need someone from outside Washington DC to take a wrecking ball to the federal government and to begin to undo the horrendous damage of the Obama years.  We are losing our religious liberty and our right to free speech (1st amendment) and the right to keep and bear arms is under constant attack (2nd amendment).  Down with liberal media bias, political correctness and big government tyranny.  Up with Judeo-Christian values, freedom and liberty!


Are you concerned, angry or frustrated?  Take a stand!  Get involved with the campaign of your choice:

Make America Great Again! Donald Trump web site:

Ted Cruz 2016:

Ben Carson for President 2016:

Carly for President:


Ben Carson is right!  Sharia law and The United States Constitution are NOT compatible.  How can a religion which denies the right to worship to all other religions be in harmony with our constitutional law? It cannot be:


Ben Carson and Donald trump take a stand against Sharia:


The Tea Party rallies against the horrible surrender-to-Iran deal: The Republican-controlled House of Representatives votes against it:


Gun Owners of America endorse Ted Cruz for President:


Hillary Clinton hates the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution:


Civil unrest, which is increasing in Liberal Democrat-controlled cities, leads to record gun purchases:  Taxpayers are leaving Democrat-run states for Republican ones:


America’s greatness is derived form it’s free citizens, not from the government:


Defund Planned Parenthood:


Joe Biden sticks his foot in in mouth again:


The Obama Legacy:


It can’t come soon enough!  The End is Near:


Americans for Liberty PAC

A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers


Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750