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Beyond the Oregon Myth

This video precisely pinpoints our problems and challenges in Oregon. It is worth every minute you take to watch it. See also

Richardson Post Debate Interview

The choice is really stark …

Handy Matrix of ORP Position on Ballot Measures

For those last-minute voters who are wondering what position the Oregon Republican Party took on the ballot measures, here is a handy matrix:

[A safe approach is to automatically vote of NO on all ballot measures unless a very compelling case for YES can be made. When in doubt, vote NO. - Jay]

Measure Subject Description Position Reason
86 Education Amends Oregon Constitution to create fund for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education; authorizes debt to finance No Better left to private sector; another unfunded government program
87 Judiciary Allows judges to be hired by the National Guard and public universities; allows school employees to serve in the legislature - No financial impact; non-controversial
88 Immigration Upholds four-year driver licenses for those who cannot prove legal presence in the United States No Encourages illegal immigration;  does not improve road safety
89 Civil Rights Guarantees equal rights regardless of sex - Oregon already has constitutional protection for all persons
90 Elections Creates an open, top-two primary election system No Reduces voter choice;  reduces voter participation;  eliminates minor parties
91 Marijuana Legalizes recreational marijuana; tasks Oregon Liquor Control Commission with regulation of its sale No Legitimizes dangerous drug use;  costs more than revenue generated
92 Business Regulation Mandates labeling of certain foodstuffs that contain genetically modified organisms No Costly to Oregon growers;  does not provide useful information to consumers

Obama Dismantles the Democrat Base

PUBLIC DISSATISFACTION with President Obama’s leadership, or lack thereof, continues to grow.  The country is going in the wrong direction and voters are finally placing the blame where it belongs; with Obama and the Democrats:


Democrats in Liberal states continue to DISRESPECT OBAMA:


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the US House of Representatives are expecting DAMAGING LOSSES in the election next week:


Harry Reid is BEGGING VOTERS to help him keep his job as US Senate majority leader:


Democrat politicians are resorting to DESPARATE MEASURES to scare the Democrat base into voting booth:


Is OBAMACARE HURTING Democrat politicians running for office?  Yes…it is:


The DEMOCRAT BASE may not show up at the polls next week:


WOMEN VOTERS are turning away from the Democrat Party: and here:


YOUNG VOTERS want the Republicans to control congress: and they plan to vote for Republicans next week:


Even HISPANIC VOTERS favor a GOP takeover of the US Senate:


Are BLACK VOTERS starting to wake up?  Many are turning to the Republicans for answers to their economic woes:


Even some BLACK ACTIVISTS in Chicago are questioning the status quo:


Many Blacks are tired of Democrat WHITE POLITICIANS using them to gain political power:


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750

Chicago Activists Unchained

Republicans Rising!

Current projections show the Republicans taking control of the US Senate in the election to be held on Tuesday, November 4:

The liberal New York Times is still trying to defend the indefensible – the Obama presidency :

Obama is the Liar-in-Chief.  If you think that sounds harsh, just take a look here at only a few of his many lies:

Republicans will increase their majority in the US House.  Nancy Pelosi and her ilk couldn’t even begin to come close to winning it back:

Thanks, in large measure,  to the leftist policies of Barack Obama and Harry Reid, voters now want Republicans to control Congress:

Obama has squandered the goodwill of the American people and now he is throwing the Democrats under the bus:

Tea Party Republicans are fired up and ready to vote:

Recent polls point to a decisive GOP victory:

It’s way past time to take our country back from the radical liberals and progressives:

Recent polls show the GOP rising:

Obama disapproval spikes and Democrat candidates can’t even say his name out loud for fear of angering voters:

The Democrats are the folks who support and vote with Obama.  They are his strong allies and supporters – so he says:

“President Obama is about as popular on the campaign trail these days as the Ebola virus”

The Democrats say Obama care is no longer an issue.  Uh…yes it is:

Obama (with his convenient and timely southern accent) and the Democrats have used and betrayed the black community in America:


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750

10 days – Exciting!

Good morning,This election cycle can change the landscape of Oregon for future generations.

We need your help in getting as many voters engaged as possible.

We have the opportunity to have a Republican Governor-Dennis Richardson, to take over the Senate-Monica Wehby, House District 58- Greg Barreto, County Commissioners: Steve McClure and Bill Rosholt, and influence the many ballot measures that are before us.  Oregonians needs to have sensible, ethical candidates restored to office!

We have call lists available of people who have not yet voted but would if reminded that this is a critical election .  You can call from your home or join us at the office!  We will start this tomorrow so the that weekend ballots have been recorded!

We have five phones available at the Republican Office at 1215 Adams. We need people calling each day, starting 10/28, until the election.  We will have new lists each day.

PLEASE HELP!  We will do group call banks on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:00pm  to 8:00pm at the office.  Please join us!

Just a simple message of “This call is to remind you that your vote does count and you can help elect great candidates by casting your vote.”

There is still time to mail in ballots. After tomorrow it is recommended that ballots be returned to the County Clerks office or at one of the drop boxes in the counties.

Union County drop boxes:

Cove City Hall 504 Alder St. Cove Outside Drop Box 24 hour
Elgin City Hall 180 N 8th Elgin Mon-Thu 10am-5pm
Imbler City Hall 180 Ruckman Imbler Outside Drop Box 24 hour
Island City Hall 10605 Island Ave Island City Mon-Fri 9am-1pm
La Grande City Hall 1000 Adams La Grande Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
North Powder City Hall 635 Third Street North Powder Mon-Thu 7am-12pm
Union City Hall 342 S Main Street Union Outside Drop Box 24 hour
Union County Clerk 1001 4th Street La Grande Mon-Thu
Outside Drop Box
24 hour

Umatilla County Drop Boxes:
Election Divisions
Courthouse Room 18, Basement
216 SE 4th. St.
Pendleton, OR 97801
Courthouse Curbside Box
Corner of SE Dorion ave. and SE 5th St.
Pendleton, OR
Hermiston City Hall
180 NE 2ND ST.
Hermiston, OR
City Hall-Police Station (Curbside Island) drive up
722 S Main
Milton-Freewater, OR
Nixy’Aawii Governance Center
Confederated Tribe
46411 Ti’Mine Way
Pendleton, OR 97801

Wallowa County Drop Boxes:

Wallowa City Hall:
211 E 2nd
Wallowa, OR

Joseph City Hall:
201 N Main
Joseph, OR101 S River

Wallowa County Courthouse
101 S River
Enterprise, OR

For call list:  Chris – 541-910-5247

Thanks for your continued support!

For more information contact:
Doug Osburn- Union County Republican Chair- 541 910-4352


Dr. Monica Wehby here Wed – Oct 29th


Dr. Monica Wehby will be stopping in La Grande Oregon
on her tour to victory this Wednesday Oct 29th.She will be visiting the Eastern Oregon University campus for a tour from 11am
followed by a student meet and greet ending at 1:45.

A public meet and greet will be held at Joe Beans from 2pm till 3:30.
Followed with a no-host dinner at La Fiesta starting at 6pm.

Please feel free to take this opportunity to come
Meet Dr. Monica Wehby our next Oregon Senator!


For more information contact:
Doug Osburn- Union County Republican Chair- 541 910-4352


Vote Freedom First On or Before November 4th – Vote Greg Walden for U.S. House of Representatives!



Based on his consistent and proven voting record on Second Amendment issues in the U.S. House of Representatives, Representative Walden has earned an “A” rating from NRA-PVF for this election.  An “A” rating is reserved for a solidly pro-gun legislator who has supported NRA positions on key votes.

Representative Walden is a cosponsor of H.R. 2959, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013.  This bill would ensure that law-abiding Americans with a valid concealed handgun permit would be able to carry their concealed firearm in any other state that does not prohibit concealed carry.   He voted for a similar bill in 2011.

Representative Walden voted for H.R. 3590, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2013, a bill that would positively impact sportsmen throughout Oregon and the country.  Specifically, the SHARE Act would protect traditional hunting ammunition and fishing tackle, open additional land access for hunting and fishing, and allow firearms to be legally carried on land managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

In addition, Representative Walden voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress on both criminal and civil charges for the flawed and tragic Fast and Furious scandal.

Furthermore, Greg Walden opposes the Obama-Bloomberg agenda of banning guns, ammunition, magazines, and creating a so-called “universal” background check system that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms between life-long friends and many family members.

That’s why it’s important for you and every freedom-loving voter in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District to vote for Greg Walden for U.S. House of Representatives on or before Tuesday, November 4th

For more information on voting, please call (503) 986-1518 or click here.

PS:  Don’t forget to vote Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate!

Vote Freedom First On or Before November 4th – Vote Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate!

Monica Wehby supports our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Remember to vote by November 4 and get your friends to vote also.


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750

Canadian Top 10 List

Canadian Top 10 List —–

The Canadian’s Version of David Letterman’s Top 10. It just makes you want to shake your head in disbelief.


This is Canada’s Top Ten List of America’s Stupidity

Number 10 Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 per plate Obama campaign fund-raising event.

Number 9 Only in America …could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a  black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans – 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics!

Number 8  Only in America…could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner (the head of the Treasury Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.

Number 7 Only in America…can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting thatMuslims might be harmed by the backlash.

Number 6 Only in America…would they make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, while they discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just ‘magically’ become American citizens (probably should be number one).

Number 5  Only in America….could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as EXTREMISTS.

Number 4 Only in America…could you need to present a driver’s license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.

Number 3  Only in America…could people demand the government investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. Oil company(Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).

Number 2  Only in America… could you collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion dollars more than it has per year – for total spending of $7-Million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn’t have nearly enough money .

And Number 1 Only in America…could the rich people- who pay 86% of all income taxes – be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all.

Let’s stop this insanity by voting every Democrat politician out of office on November 4.


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750


OBAMA AGENDA ON THE BALLOT – Obama outs Democrat senate candidates trying to hide from him and his failed policies:


DEMOCRAT SENATE CANDIDATES HORRIFED – The narcissistic president scuttles their campaign strategy:


EBOLA ELECTION – The Obama administration’s poor handling of the Ebola crisis is the October surprise:


OBAMA BETRAYED – His own supporters walk out on him during one of his staged campaign rallies:


GOP WILL WIN THE US SENATE – The chances for Republicans controlling the senate improve each day: AND – here:


SERIAL LIAR DWS – The chairperson of the DNCC insists that Democrats will hold the US Senate:


HOW LOW CAN IT  GO – Obama failed policies keep dragging him down in the polls:


GOP WILL INCREASE US HOUSE SEATS – Republicans are highly likely to increase their majority in the House of Representatives:


LOW INFORMATION VOTERS – A solid majority of Democrats think they will hold the Senate:


SINKING IN THE POLLS – Obama is dragging down the Democrat party with him as he sinks:


PRETENDING TO BE INDEPENDENT – If you can’t win as a Democrat, then pretend to be an Independent:






Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750

Greg Barreto for HD58

Some friends of John Turner have launched a write in campaign.Two letters encouraging this write-in campaign have been
published in the East Oregonian this week.They are calling Greg a radical, right wing extremest
who is unwilling to work with people.
We know better!Greg has spent hundreds of hours since the primary meeting with Union representatives, county commissioners, school administrators, city council members and lobbyists that represent many entities in HD58. He’s done this to learn and listen so he can represent you well.

It’s not over until it’s over!

We have a lot of voters yet to reach and need your help.

We need letters to the editor in the East Oregonian,
The Observer, and the Wallowa Chieftain in support of Greg.

We are going to be working on a campaign mailing tomorrow,
Sunday Oct 19th, starting at 4pm at our home in Cove.
62819 Lower Cove Rd.
I know this is short notice, but this is critical!

Please help us in getting Greg’s message to those voters.

We will provide pizza and drinks,
please RSVP so we know how much pizza to get.

Thanks for your continued support!
On to victory!




Commissioner Bill Rosholt

Dear Fellow Conservatives,


Please join me in voting for Bill Rosholt for Union County Commissioner:

Bill is a registered Republican:

He is the candidate who supports our Conservative values and votes accordingly.

Kindest regards,


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750

Issues that matter to voters


The Conservative Review

Often our elected representatives talk one way and end up, over time, voting another way.  There is a new website “The Conservative Review” that does by far the best job of ranking politicians to see if they actually walk the walk as professed proponents of constitutional and conservative principles. You may be surprised to see where some of Representatives rank.

Conservative Review Logo

Hooray! Obama Pulls Down the Democrats

ELECTION ALERT – 21 days to Victory! Obama’s job approval rating hits an all-time low right before the election:

Obama’s October surprise – announcing a skirmish with ISIS – is seen as a purely political move before the election:


To the horror of Democrat US Senate candidates, Obama announces in no uncertain terms that his entire agenda is on the ballot this fall:

Obama just doesn’t get it.  His policies are a failure and his agenda is now politically toxic:


Obama has become increasingly strident during his second term while openly displaying his radical far left ideology.  Now that they finally see it, Americans don’t like it:

Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Dirty Harry Reid, is even taking a hit in the polls:


Voters are ready to send a clear message to this President and his Democrat lap dogs:

Voter opposition to this Liberal Democrat President hits a record high:


Democrat senate candidate in Louisiana fires her campaign manager with only 3 weeks left until the election:

Democrat senate candidate in Kentucky refuses to admit she voted for Obama:

Democrat senate candidate in Colorado loses the liberal fish-wrapper (Denver Post) endorsement:

Democrat senate candidate in New Hampshire begs Obama to hide in Washington until after the election:


A recent series of new polls suggest that Democrats will lose control of the US Senate:

It looks like a GOP wave.  How far will it go?


Republicans are projected to win control of the US Senate and remove Dirty Harry from leadership: Just click on the state for details.


Americans for Liberty PAC
A Political Action Committee for Conservatives who uphold the US Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers
Lanny Hildebrandt MBA CPA
1615 4th Street
La Grande OR  97850
(541) 963-7930
Fax (541) 963-7750

Principles for American Renewal


RNC Announces “Principles for American Renewal”

Yesterday, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus delivered remarks on the GOP’s “Principles for American Renewal,” which outline the core ideas driving the Republican Party and policy makers. The principles unite Republicans as a party and demonstrate the commitment the party has for better leadership in America.


Reince Priebus made the following remarks during the unveiling:


“Republicans across the country have the ideas to get Americans back to work and to get our country back on the right track, and these eleven principles are a good tool to ensure our ideas become a reality. Election Day is only 33 days away, and it is important that the party, now more than ever, inform voters of the difference between the Obama agenda and responsible solutions for our country.”


Oregon Republican Party Chairman, Art Robinson agreed with Priebus, stating the following:


“These principles cover 11 key topics: jobs, spending, health care, our veterans, national security, education, poverty, values, energy, immigration and, most importantly, the Constitution. These are the things that most voters are concerned with, as opposed to the radical agenda that Barack Obama and the Democrats are trying to ram down our throats. The principles unify every local and state party across the country and signify a solid stand against President Obama’s declared mission to ‘fundamentally transform America’.


“The Democrats would like for voters to believe that Republicans are simply against everything; I am proud to say that we stand firmly opposed to Barack Obama’s ‘transformational’ policies which weaken our country at every level. These 11 principles highlight what we support-not just what we oppose-in this year’s election and for the future. They are a focal point from which our party will be able to solve our nation’s problems from the bottom-up. By sticking close to these principles and working diligently, we will implement solutions to get America back on the path to success.



“Democrat candidates in Oregon are saddled with Obama’s agenda, and they can’t hide from it. As Obama pointed out yesterday, his ‘policies are on the ballot’ in November. Every time a voter casts a vote for a Democrat, they are casting a vote for Obama’s policies. Voters in Oregon get it and have been leaving the Democratic Party in droves. We have opened the door for conservative Democrats to join the Republican Party, and many have come over. Therefore, voters can rightly conclude that any Democrat running in Oregon this year is not a conservative and has hitched their wagon to President Obama and his liberal agenda.


“Every voter has a chance to stand with the Republican Party in November by supporting our Principles for American Renewal. I believe that Oregon voters will get behind the Republican conservative problem solvers who will get Americans back to work and back on track.”


More information on the Principles for American Renewal click here



Meeting- Wednesday-October 8th

Union County Republicans Monthly MeetingWednesday- October 8th
Flying J Restaurant

No host lunch available

La Grande, OR 9850

Call the meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Treasurer ReportOld business:
Campaign signs- Let’s get them up!
Update on races

New Business:
Campaign tools- Call banks / Walking and Knocking for candidates
Upcoming Organizational Meeting in October


Please call 541-910-4352  if you have any questions.


Last Chance for Tickets to the Wallowa County Friends of NRA Upcoming Banquet!