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Give the Oregonian a Piece of YOUR Mind

This past weekend Susan Nielsen of the Oregonian (read article by clicking here) took a cheap shot at the Oregon Republican under the guise of appropriately critiquing the Democrats in Salem for “overreaching” through their out of control tax, spend, and regulate policies. I’m sending you this because I thought you might want to help set the record straight over there. Below are some suggestions on what might be some great points to make and instructions on how to submit your letters/emails to the editor at the Oregonian.

Please send in your comments ASAP while this editorial is still fresh in peoples minds, plus forward it on to 5 friends who would like to share their opinion with the Oregonian.

Kevin Hoar
ORP Field Director

  1. The Republican Party in Oregon is strong and there is no time that the Republican core principles of lower taxes, responsible spending and fiscal responsibility is more important than right now
  2. Nielsen refers to the “sorry state of the Republican party”, what is really in a “sorry state” is the state’s economy due to the Democrat’s over spending and job-killing tax increases
  3. What’s “sorry” is the Democrat’s raising Oregon’s personal income taxes to the highest in the country!
  4. What’s “sorry” is the $1.1 Billion in permanent new taxes passed by the Democrats!
  5. What’s “sorry” is the Democrats raising taxes on Oregon businesses when they are struggling to maintain employees and Oregon’s unemployment rate is the 2nd highest in the country!
  6. What’s “sorry” is that in the midst of one of the worst economic downturns in our state’s history, Democrats in Salem have increased their budgets from the last two years by more than $2 Billion!
  7. What’s “sorry” is that they even raised taxes on every glass of beer in Oregon!
  8. The Democrats in Salem have rammed through their liberal agenda and in a few weeks when the session ends the people of Oregon will be faced with the stark realities of what the Democrats’ higher spending and record tax increases mean for the economy.
  9. Even Nielsen’s solution is raising taxes on Oregonians by keeping the “kicker” refund instead of the Oregon legislature spending taxes dollars more wisely and living within its means
  10. Although we don’t want to see the state suffer any more, the Democrat’s liberal agenda will clearly demonstrate to the people of Oregon why the Republican principles of lower taxes and responsible spending are so critical and the Republican Party will be there to remind of that come campaign season

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