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From Gary L. Bauer of American Values

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
To: Friends & Supporters
From: Gary L. Bauer

President Votes “Present”

The yearning for freedom continues in Iran, but Barack Hussein Obama remains sphinx-like in his response. He says he is “troubled” by the events the whole world is watching, but he assures everyone he remains committed to “engaging” Ahmadinejad. How about engaging the forces of democracy, Mr. President? How about one sentence from the “Leader of the Free World” urging the Iranian dictatorship to stop shooting, clubbing and arresting dissenters who simply want basic human rights. Unfortunately for those Iranians being shot, clubbed and jailed, Mr. Obama thinks that taking a stand for freedom would be “meddling.”

Has the president noticed that the demonstrators carry signs written in English? Does he realize the significance of Iranians chanting “Death to the Dictator” in our language not Farsi? They are trying to get your attention, Mr. President. They thought “hope and change” included them too. You may feel the constant need to apologize for America, Mr. President, but oppressed people of color around the world still see the country that embarrasses you as their “last best hope.”

The president has a lot on his plate, so I don’t want to be unfair. It takes a lot of hours to bankrupt a nation while running several major industries and getting ready to direct health care and control our climate. He needs to drop something from the “to do” list. Here’s my suggestion: You could stop bashing democracies like Israel, which is on our side, and instead bash tyrants that hate America.

ABC — The “All Barack Channel”

In a primetime special on June 24th, ABC News will be broadcasting out of the Obama White House in an effort to promote President Obama’s government-run health care plan. When the Republican National Committee learned of this planned primetime promo, it asked for the opportunity to include a spokesman for its views. (It’s worth noting that nearly 70% of doctors serving in Congress are Republicans, such as Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.) However, ABC News denied the request. Instead, a pre-selected audience will ask the president questions in a town-hall-style format. (I suspect the questions will be pre-selected too!)

The reports of ABC’s “infomercial” for Obama’s socialized healthcare scheme have sparked a tremendous outcry against this blatant example of media bias. A major media news outlet teaming up with the White House to sell its healthcare plan sounds like something that would take place in Russia or China, not the United States. Many conservative commentators are now referring to ABC as the “All Barack Channel.”

The reaction from ABC was an arrogant statement from Senior Vice President Kerry Smith, who said, “Like any programs we broadcast, ABC News will have complete editorial control. To suggest otherwise is quite unfair to both our journalists and our audience.” Really? I wonder how many people know that the Director of Communications at the White House Office of Health Reform is Linda Douglass, a former ABC news reporter who worked at the network for nearly ten years. I’m sure that’s just a remarkable coincidence and that Douglass had absolutely nothing to do with arranging this broadcast.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to share your thoughts with ABC News about its biased coverage.

He’s Losing Sleep?

President Obama confessed yesterday that he is losing sleep at night. That’s understandable given the tremendous strains of the presidency. Every day the commander-in-chief receives classified briefings about the threats posed by our enemies. North Korea is firing missiles, and Iran’s Holocaust-denying dictator is threatening to wipe one of our allies off the map. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda is still plotting to bring more death and destruction to our shores. I’m sure those classified briefings would give most of us nightmares. But that’s not what is keeping the president up at night. Instead, the president says he’s losing sleep over the state of the nation’s finances. Sadly, much of the president’s suffering is self-inflicted.

Yesterday the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of a socialized healthcare bill now under consideration in the Senate. According to the CBO, the cost is at least $1.6 trillion. We’re being told we must spend this money in order to control healthcare costs. Before we do that, let’s consider the government’s track record of controlling the costs in Medicare.

Passed in 1965 as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” reforms, the program cost $3 billion in 1966. At that time, congressional leaders estimated that by 1990, Medicare costs would quadruple to $12 billion. In fact, the real cost in 1990 was $107 billion. Eighteen years later, Medicare costs had quadrupled to $470 billion in 2008. And just like Medicare, I guarantee that “Obamacare” will grow by exponential factors.

To get an idea of what this president has done when it comes to spending, consider this analysis by the Heritage Foundation. If anyone should be losing sleep at night over the state of our nation’s finances, it should be American taxpayers!

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