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Retire Harry Reid! Support Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate!

Fellow Republicans,

My name is Sharron Angle, and with your help, we will retire Sen. Harry Reid in 2010.

As a 4-term Assemblywoman for the state of Nevada, I have a strong record of fighting for lower taxes and reducing government regulation. Recently, The Washington Post mentioned that my tenure in public service has made me, “…a hero of Nevada’s fiscal and social conservatives.”

You can learn more about my campaign for the U.S. Senate by visiting my website:

As you are no doubt aware, our nation is walking a fine line in flirting with liberal radicalism. Unfortunately, Nevada’s own Harry Reid is one of the driving-forces behind this movement.

As Majority Leader of the Unites States Senate, Harry Reid sets the policy agenda for the most powerful legislative body in the United States.

How much harm can he cause in that position? Well, you don’t have to look any further than what he’s already done.

It was painful to watch him declare, “This war is lost!” while our fine servicemen and women sacrifice and give their all overseas in the defense of this great nation. (Associated Press, 04-18-07)

It was just as painful to watch him declare unashamedly, that he hadn’t read a single judicial opinion of President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court (Judge Sotomayor) – and that he wouldn’t have to, “before this process is finished” because, “we have the whole package here”. (C-SPAN, 06-02-09)

I doubt this was what the Founding Fathers meant by “Advise and Consent”.

Unfortunately, Sen. Reid’s many questionable actions will continue to shape the future of our country if he remains unopposed. At this time, many of Nevada’s political elite have united behind Sen. Reid’s re-election effort, due to delivered pork projects or promised down-payments.

That is why I have started a true grass-roots effort to turn Nevada RED in 2010, to retire Harry to his home in Searchlight, Nevada. The latest polls show that Harry isn’t assured re-election, and our own Tahoe-Bonanza reported, “Reid is actually vulnerable to a strong candidate like Sharron…” (4/15/2009)

I am asking for the help and support of you, our fellow Republicans, your neighbors, friends and families.

I urge you to help me defeat Harry Reid by contributing $10, $25, $50 or any amount up to the limit of $4800 to my campaign. The first FEC reporting period ends June 30th, a critical date for this campaign to show strong opposition to Harry Reid. Please know that your support will make the difference.

Thank you,


P.S. – I know that you can’t cast your vote for me in 2010, but after I am elected to the United States Senate, I can vote to represent you and the values we hold dear. I appreciate your consideration to support my candidacy. Thank you again.

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