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Americans for Prosperity – Tell Congress to put Patients First!

Dear Friend,

Throughout this challenging year you have responded when we’ve asked you to help defend our freedoms.

Now, I’m asking you again.  The issue is health care.  The urgency is high because legislation is moving now in Congress.  President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and want legislation that will:

– create a massive new government health plan costing us over $1.6 trillion;

– raise taxes on Americans across the board;

– force us to buy the type of insurance the government says we should;

– and take away our freedoms to decide which treatments and doctors are best for our families.

So, Americans for Prosperity is getting involved in a big way.  But to be successful, we need your help.

Will you take a moment to send this message to Congress: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR HEALTH CARE!

Visit Patients First, /, to sign our petition and contact your legislators. Send it on to friends. Let Congress know we won’t stop until our rights and freedoms are protected.  We need 500,000 Americans to sign this petition that we’ll send to Congress this summer.  Please be one of the first to sign.

President Obama promised us on the campaign trail that there would be no new tax increases for anyone making less than $250,000 a year. But now he and members of Congress are talking about taxing soda and alcohol – beverages that are hardly confined to the super-wealthy! They’re talking about taxing YOUR health benefits to pay for this government takeover of health care, too. And that’s not even counting the global warming-driven energy tax – “cap-and-trade” – which has been floated to help pay for health care as well.

But, it’s not just more of our money (Sen. Kennedy’s bill has been estimated to cost $4 trillion over 10 years). It’s also about our freedom. The freedom to make health care decisions for our families – something that is precious, something we cannot allow the government to take away from us.

My wife, Julie, and I have four precious children. We cannot imagine the government stepping in and dictating to us what treatments will be covered by insurance should (God forbid) they become sick.  But, that’s exactly what’s at stake.

Please join your fellow Americans for Prosperity activists in urging Congress and the president to put Patients First in health reform. Sign the petition now at / and tell President Obama and Speaker Pelosi to KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF OUR HEALTH CARE.


Tim Phillips
For more information, visit

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