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ORP, Daily Briefing – Monday June 22nd, 2009

Democrats to Force Re-vote on Measure 57 Repeal and
Attempt to Overturn the Will of the People

PORTLAND, Ore. – On Monday, Democrats in the Oregon Legislative Assembly plan to force a revote on HB 3508, which failed on Friday to gain the 40 votes necessary to pass in the Oregon House. The Republican victory to defeat this bill shows the power of the grassroots as thousands of Oregonians flooded legislative offices with calls urging a no vote on HB 3508.

Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan commented today, “This is a victory for the people of Oregon. Oregonians spoke clearly when passing Measure 57 in 2008 – they want property and drug crime offenders locked up, and they want the implementation of Measure 57 to begin as scheduled. The Democrats are trying to say this is a choice between a voter approved sentencing policy and support for state police and corrections, but the real choice is whether the Democrats are going to put their liberal agenda ahead of the will of Oregonians. This debate clearly demonstrates just how out of touch the Democrats are with the majority of Oregonians – they are deaf to the voice of Oregonians about the need for fully funded public safety.”

Measure 57 was passed overwhelmingly in 2008 by more than 60% of Oregon voters and calls for increased penalties for drug related crimes, identity theft crimes, crimes against the elderly and property related crimes. It has become a target this session of Democrats in Salem who opposed its passage and is now trying to circumvent the will of Oregon voters by suspending its implementation.

“Measure 57 deals with some of the most serious crimes plaguing our communities across the state. The worst part is that the cuts are not necessary – Republicans have shown that full funding of public safety is available if the Democrats are willing to choose the safety of citizens and their property over pay raises and generous health care packages for state bureaucrats. The Democrats have the wrong priorities and will put Oregonians at risk if the will of the voters is ignored and Measure 57 is suspended,” Chairman Tiernan concluded.

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