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ORP Daily Briefing – Wednesday June 24th, 2009

Democrats pass out public safety cuts which threaten Oregon families

PORTLAND, Ore. – Today, democrats in the Oregon Legislative Assembly threatened to close prisons, crime labs and cut state police positions unless Measure 57, a voter approved sentencing policy is suspended. The democrats plan is to force a revote on HB 3508 before the end of the legislative session later this week. The bill failed on Friday to gain the 40 votes necessary to pass in the Oregon House last Monday. The cuts to current public safety spending will be considered by the legislature tomorrow.

“This is one of the most cynical and irresponsible manipulations of the legislative process I’ve ever witnessed”, Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan said today, “The democrat leaders in the Oregon House are playing politics with the safety of all Oregonians. They are punishing the public for wanting to put burglars, car thieves and drug manufacturers in jail” Chairman Tiernan said.

Measure 57, which passed by an overwhelming vote of Oregonians, will cost less than 1/20th of one percent of the state budget to implement – 70 million dollars. And after raising over 1.5 billion in new taxes, and raising the state income tax to the highest in the country, the democrat controlled legislature says “we don’t have enough money. That is a bold face lie!”, said State Chairman Bob Tiernan

“Oregonians spoke clearly, by a margin of over 60% in support, when passing Measure 57 in 2008 – they want property and drug crime offenders locked up, and they want the implementation of Measure 57 to begin as scheduled. This debate clearly demonstrates just how out of touch the Democrats are with the majority of Oregonians – they are deaf to the voice of Oregonians about the need for fully funded public safety. The voters will not forget this at the next election” Chairman Tiernan concluded.

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