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From American Values: Obama To “Champion” Homosexual Rights

Democrat President Barrack Hussein Obama promises to lead the battle against traditional family values. What can we do about it? We can join the battle and fight back! We can elect Republicans who still believe that marriage is between one man and one woman and who will defend the sanctity of marriage and the lives of unborn children.
From: Gary Bauer [mailto:[email protected]]

Obama To “Champion” Homosexual Rights

Yesterday, President and Mrs. Obama hosted a reception at the White House to celebrate lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender pride. At the reception, President Obama pointedly addressed the criticism from some in the militant homosexual rights movement that he has not acted quickly enough on their issues. To that charge, the president stated: “I want you to know that in this task I will not only be your friend, I will continue to be an ally and a champion and a president who fights with you and for you.”

And he promised more. Obama went through a litany of key public policy demands that the militant homosexual movement has been making for years, and he said, “And I want you to know that I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I’ve made, but by the promises that my administration keeps. …We’ve been in office six months now. I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration.”

The president also castigated Americans still clinging to “worn arguments and old attitudes” about family. What exactly would those “worn arguments and old attitudes” be? The idea that marriage means the union of one man and one woman? That children deserve mothers and fathers? Sadly, that’s exactly what he was referring to.

I won’t go through the litany of promises Obama made to those in the room last night. If you want, you can read it here on the White House website. I can promise you this much: There will be tremendous battles in the days ahead over the values we cherish and the values that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren. The Left intends to legislate its morality on the American people and to force faith into the closet. As the president stated, it is a battle – “step by step, law by law, mind by changing mind” for the heart and soul of our culture and our country. But with your support and prayers, we will fight as hard as possible to defend faith, family and freedom!

Values Still Matter

The gleeful reaction of many leftwing elites to the revelations of Governor Mark Sanford’s affair has been a disgusting display of political sadism. Contrary to its “tolerant” image, the Left loves the politics of personal destruction. (See Sarah Palin.) But for many Americans, character and values still matter. In a column published in Politico, which has been picked up by other major papers, I offer some thoughts on the importance of character in our public officials. You can read it online here.

Life And The Left

As the Left begins its push for socialized healthcare, many are making the claim that healthcare is a fundamental right that should be provided at taxpayer expense. The president has described it as a “moral imperative.” That’s a point reasonable people can disagree on. But if so many on the Left think there is a “moral” right to protect the quality of life (our health), what about the right to life itself, which our Founding Fathers described as “unalienable” in the Declaration of Independence?

I’m pleased to report that nearly 20 House Democrats have challenged Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reject any healthcare scheme that covers abortion as a taxpayer-funded “right.” While I do not believe that socialism is the solution to our healthcare concerns, I applaud members of Congress willing to take a stand for the right to life. Any program that seeks to improve the health of each life must, first and foremost, do no harm to that life.

For those with a greater interest in the healthcare debate, I encourage you watch this brief YouTube video from Foster Friess, a successful businessman, patriot and champion of the conservative cause.

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