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AFP: Live Health Care Telephone Town Hall, July 28, 8pm ET

Americans for Prosperity

We’re at a crucial point in our battle to stop Speaker Pelosi’s push to pass a 1,017-page health care bill and just like with the Stimulus, members of Congress are refusing to read the entire bill before voting on it.

The big vote on whether the thing will pass is still tentatively set for Friday, but sources tell us that Speaker Pelosi knows the votes just are not there at the moment – so they are considering postponing the vote until after their August recess, which would be a significant victory for us.

So, we’ve decided to really turn up the heat.  Tomorrow at 8:00pm ET, Americans for Prosperity is hosting a national telephone town hall meeting with Georgia Congressman Dr. Tom Price and Shona Holmes, the Canadian patient featured in Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Patients United Now TV ad.  I’ll be leading the call and look forward to this spirited discussion. We’re asking you to join this call for two reasons:

1. Dr. Price will share with us the latest intelligence on where the House health care bill stands, which will make you an even more effective advocate for its defeat.

2.  Shona will talk a little bit about the consequences of government-run health care if we don’t speak up now to stop it dead in its tracks.

When: Tuesday, July 28th
8:00pm ET

Participant#: 1-888-356-3090
Pin#: 13138

There is no charge to you to join the call. It’s a simple way for us to thank you for signing the Patients First “Hands Off My Healthcare” petition and provide you the information we need to finish the job by defeating this.

Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of thousands of AFP members, Senators are feeling the heat just like their colleagues in the House.

Join our national telephone town hall call with Congressman Tom Price and Shona Holmes tomorrow!

Talk to you tomorrow at 8:00pm ET.

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

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