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AFP: We Greeted Obama today! Info on the “Blue Dog” Democrats cave

Joined by hundreds upon hundreds of grassroots activists, we greeted President Obama with our Patients First bus at 4pm today in Bristol, Virginia.

Sadly, the President repeated his usual untruths: that bureaucrats will not “get between patients and their doctor”; that government control of health care will “SAVE MONEY”; and that his government takeover will make health care “more efficient.”

But, we were there to send the President and the national media a clear message that Americans are not buying what he’s trying to sell.

Today, you may have heard that the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats in the House of Representatives cut a deal with Speaker Pelosi and the Obama Administration on the health care legislation.

Don’t be discouraged. These same “Blue Dogs” caved on the Stimulus bill back in February. Most of them caved on the Cap-and-Trade bill a few weeks ago. We expected them to cave here, too.

The key thing to remember: when they say “compromise” legislation on health care, they still mean a big-government takeover of our health care and we have to say NO.

I wish you could see the energy and passion and determination of the Americans we see on this Patients First bus tour. We were in Wytheville, VA at 4pm yesterday, then Bristol, Gate City, Norton and then back to Bristol this afternoon to greet the President. The crowds are big at each stop.

One lady in Wytheville was there with her 96-years-young father, and she told me that “no government bureaucrat is going to tell me how to care for my Dad’s health.” An elderly lady raised her hand at our Norton event and said “it’s like they want us to feel guilty for wanting to keep our health care.”

At the President’s stop in Raleigh, North Carolina today our AFP North Carolina state director had over 400 folks at a counter-rally that was widely covered. The President even mentioned the signs and folks protesting on the other side!

Next week, we’ll have 2 AFP Patients First buses going – one in North Carolina making 21 stops and another in Nebraska making 19 stops. Across America, we’re saying “Hands Off My Health Care!”

To see up-to-the-minute pictures, coverage and details of our travels on the road – or the latest details in Washington, D.C. go to our website,

Thanks for all you’re doing. If we keep fighting, we’re going to win.

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Tim Phillips

PS: Remember, we’re counting on you to find out when your Congressmen and Senators are holding town hall meetings or office hours during the August recess – click here to let us know as you soon as you find out. We’ll post the information on our website and urge folks to turn out to send a message to our elected leaders at this crucial time.

To see more picture from today’s rally click here.

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