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Free and Strong America PAC: Month in Review — June/July

As members of the Free and Strong America PAC family, we want to make sure you’re up to date with Mitt Romney and PAC news, schedules, links, pictures and video, as well as ways you can help.

$1.6 Million Raised in the First Six Months of 2009Thanks to the support of generous contributors, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC raised $1.6 million in the first six months of 2009 . This war chest will help Mitt Romney and his PAC support Republican candidates running for state and federal office. Governor Romney has been active in the 2009 New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races and is gearing up to travel around the country in 2010 supporting GOP candidates and conservative causes.
Romney on Obama’s Push for Health-Care Reform: Slow Down Governor Romney recently spoke with Newsweek’s Katie Connolly about his ideas for health care and also wrote an op-ed on the subject in USA Today. He is focused on the need to slow down, reduce costs and build bipartisan legislative support for the plan.

On Obama:

“Out of a desire to move very quickly, while his support is highest, he has skipped the critical steps of educating, involving, and evolving his own plans to meet the perspectives of the great majority of our citizens.”

Essay Contest Winner Jake Walters at FenwayHundreds of people responded to our essay contest, flooding our mailbox with many excellent answers to the question, “What does a free and strong America mean to you?” The winner: 15-year-old Jacob Walters from Peosta, Iowa. He arrived on July 8th with his father Jeff and got to experience Boston in a very special way. The guys met Tagg and enjoyed a nail-biter Red Sox win. Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Jake for a great essay.

Click here to see our winners and read their essays.

Mitt in the News NBC VIDEO: Romney on Meet the Press
ABC VIDEO:  Romney on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
REUTERS: Romney Rakes in the Dough, Gives Generously

FOX NEWS: Romney Urges Republicans to ‘Stand Up’ to Obama’s Policies

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