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AFP: Signature Drive Ramps Up

AFP Oregon


AFP volunteers really hit their stride this week in the effort to give voters a say in repealing the Legislature’s job-killing tax increases.

Week Two Results

1.  Douglas County

2.  Marion County

3.  Yamhill County

4.  Benton County

5.  Washington County

Congratulations to these AFP Chapter Leaders and their volunteers for the tremendous effort!  Let’s keep it up!

Please make sure and use the provided “Error” form for any sheet with errors.  Using sticky notes can be a problem because they can fall off and get mixed up when a large group of sheets is submitted.  Remember to paper clip – NOT STAPLE – the Error form to the sheet.

Tour Trains 1000 Signature Gatherers

The Stop the Taxes Tour has been a huge success, training over 1000 Oregonians in the proper methods to gather signatures for initiative and referenda in our state.  The arcane rules set up by the Legislature and the Secretary of State require volunteers to take special care to ensure the signatures they collect are not disqualified through some technicality.

AFP Chapter Leaders now have many more volunteers to deploy and we have trained many people in areas of the state where there is no AFP Chapter yet.  In most of these areas, there was no signature gathering effort under way prior to the Tour’s arrival.

Health Care Sales Tax Repeal Petitions Available

AFP volunteers have shown tremendous interest in working to repeal the other two major tax increases passed by the 2009 Legislature.  Both the health care sales tax and the increase in the gas tax have now had referral paperwork filed against them.  The single-signer petition for the health care sales tax measure may be found here.  A copy of the legislation being referred is here.  Please be sure to read and follow the directions on the Single Signer Petition page on the website.

AFP Josephine County Chapter Leader Jack Swift is one of the Chief Petitioners on this measure.  AFP Chapters are free to work on either of these referrals if they so desire. Signature sheets may be obtained by contacting Jack at [email protected] or by contacting the AFP Volunteer HQ at 503-598-9800.

Gas tax petition sheets are expected to be available shortly.  AFP will also provide internet access to the single signer petition on this measure.  Please check here for updates.

AFP Volunteer Booted From Concert –

City Admits It Was Wrong

AFP Linn County Member Steve Anderson had a great idea.  The City of Albany provides a series of summer concerts in a local park – what a great place to gather signatures on the tax repeal!  Anderson reports that he circulated his petitions in the seating area prior to the concert and that people were very open and interested in signing.  However, Park personnel had other ideas, telling Anderson that City ordinance prohibited him from circulating the petitions.  They did offer him a table outside the concert area, but Anderson was concerned that the flow of the crowd – many of whom were in a hurry to get good seats at the concert – would not produce a good result.

After a bit of a dust-up, a discussion of filing a complaint against the City and some media coverage, the City relented, realizing that it could not prevent Anderson from exercising his constitutional right to circulate petitions in a public park during a public event.

This is a good object lesson for other AFP volunteers.  Public property is generally open to you as a signature circulator so long as you are not interfering with the purpose of any event that might be going on when you are collecting signatures.

Journalist Arrested in Adams Recall Effort

AFP’s signature gathering training notes that it is a crime for anyone to interfere with your ability to collect signatures, or with a person’s ability to sign a petition.  Here’s an example from one campaign where a “journalist” has been arrested for maliciously defacing a petition sheet.

Got Time?

If you have time to give to AFP, we need a wide variety of kinds of help.  Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.

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