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American Values – 8-17-09 End of Day

To: Friends & Supporters
From: Gary L. Bauer

ObamaCare Proponents In Disarray

While many politicians are enjoying the August recess with their families, Administration officials were busy contradicting one another on healthcare this past weekend. Washington liberals have been shocked at the public resistance they are facing in their hometowns. The pressure is getting to them, and that is evident by the missteps leading proponents of ObamaCare have been making.

An unnamed White House official said last night that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “misspoke” when she told CNN Sunday morning that a government-run public option “is not an essential part” of reform. The official tried to cover up for Sebelius by saying that she simply meant to “echo the President.” Later, the White House even tried to blame the press, saying, “The media misplayed [her statement.]” But Sebelius wasn’t alone in her backpedaling. On Face the Nation, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that “fostering competition and choice were non-negotiable, but the specific mechanism designed to do so was up for discussion.”

The leftwing blogosphere went ballistic. Former Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean launched a counterattack to save the public option. Many “talking heads” are predicting that the Administration will start compromising and cutting deals. Even Barack Obama says that the public option “is not the entirety of health care reform.” But I just don’t believe that the Administration has completely dropped a government-run option yet.

It seems like yesterday that Obama was telling Congress that government-run healthcare MUST be passed before the August recess. That didn’t happen. Now, because of opposition by the American people, proponents of ObamaCare have no definitive timetable. Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) told Fox News Sunday that “We will be ready when we are ready. We will not be bound by any deadline.”

This debate is still very active, and very important to the future of our country. Now is not the time to sit back and watch. The liberals will not quit, so we can’t either. I encourage you to share your concerns with your elected representatives. Politely but firmly tell them you don’t want bureaucrats running your healthcare. This next item explains why.

Canadian HealthCare Collapsing

Canada’s socialized single-payer healthcare system is revered by American liberals as a model of reform. Politicians ought to be looking to it as a model of what not to do. According to a report from The Canadian Press, both the current and the incoming presidents of the Canadian Medical Association have diagnosed Canada’s socialized healthcare system as sick and in critical condition.

Current CMA President Dr. Robert Ouellet says that in order to make waiting lists disappear, Canada needs – GASP! – private healthcare delivery. And, rather than focusing on budgets, the system ought to be “restructured to focus on patients.” What a novel concept!

And while President Obama is declaring that America’s free-market system is “unsustainable,” the incoming president of the CMA, Dr. Anne Doig, says, “[Canadians] have to understand that the system we have right now … is not sustainable.” According to Dr. Doig, “We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Left’s model of reform.

Left Re-Ignites Culture War

With the nation’s attention riveted on unfolding drama over healthcare reform, two issues of tremendous concern to millions of Americans have re-emerged: same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty. As is almost always the case, the Left is re-igniting the culture war by attempting to impose its values on the rest of society through the most undemocratic means possible – the courts.

  • There are several lawsuits pending in federal court seeking to strike down the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In legal briefs filed today, the Obama Justice Department clearly put itself on the side of those seeking to declare the law null and void. While the Administration begrudgingly acknowledged that it was obligated to defend federal laws, including DOMA, it is doing so in this case only half-heartedly. With a wink and a nod to sympathetic judicial activists, Justice Department attorneys told the court, “The administration believes the Defense of Marriage Act is discriminatory and should be repealed.” The Obama Administration is begging the court to strike down the only federal law that protects the citizens of 30 states who have voted to protect the traditional meaning of marriage.
  • One month from today, a north Florida high school principal, Frank Lay, and the school’s athletic director, Robert Freeman, will stand trial in federal court on criminal charges. Their crime: praying on public property. The charges stem from actions instigated by ACLU radicals.According to the Washington Times, on January 28th, the school hosted a lunch for employees and community members who had “helped with a school field-house project.” Before the lunch, the principal asked the school’s athletic director to bless the food. No students were present at the lunch, yet that blessing may cost both men $5,000 in fines and six months in jail. Mathew Staver of the Liberty Counsel is representing the men in court. Staver told the Times, “I have been defending religious freedom issues for 22 years, and I’ve never had to defend to somebody who has been charged criminally for praying.”

The media told us that this would be a new era of “hope and change.” The nation would be united, political divides would be bridged, old wounds would be healed. The culture wars would be over. Instead, the radical Left insists on redefining marriage and is attempting to send Christians to jail for praying. That’s certainly change, but not much hope for the millions of Americans who cherish the values of faith, family and freedom.

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