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Gary Bauer: 8-19-09 End of Day

From: Gary L. Bauer

“We Don’t Care”

Washington is buzzing today with reports that the Obama White House and congressional liberals are prepared to “go it alone” on healthcare reform – passing a massive trillion-dollar takeover of 20% of our economy on a party-line vote. Such a move – by disregarding the polls and public protests – would send an unmistakable message to the American people: “We don’t care what you think.”

If congressional liberals go down this road, they would be showing their true colors. The façade of “transcending partisanship,” of “hope and change” would be over. And, frankly, there isn’t much cover left for them this point anyway. One politician was recently caught on tape saying that he would vote against his constituents’ wishes no matter what.

Skimming the morning news, I noticed that 500 people turned out at Barney Frank’s (D-MA) town hall meeting. More than 1,000 turned out for Rick Boucher’s (D-VA) town hall event. And nearly 3,000 showed up for a town hall hosted by Brian Baird (D-WA). But who cares about the people! Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says the protestors are just a bunch of un-American neo-Nazis. Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid called them “evil mongers.” The media went nuts when Reagan called the Soviet Union “evil” and when George Bush said Iran, Iraq and North Korea were part of an “axis of evil.” But the media elites yawn when liberal Democrats smear taxpayers.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 54% of voters believe that doing nothing would be preferable to passing this thousand-page “reform” bill. But who cares about the polls? After all, as Obama told House conservatives earlier this year at a White House meeting, “I won.” And so he did. Obama and his party have the votes to ram through whatever they want, regardless of what you want.

But on an issue this big and this important, I sincerely hope that cooler heads will prevail. Politicians on both sides of the aisle should take the time to read the legislation and thoroughly understand what they are doing. Rather than taking an all or nothing approach, why not scrap this bill and start over? Or break it down into ten key issues and have up or down votes on each one, rather than a “reform” that costs one trillion dollars, takes a thousand pages to legislate and years to implement. Wouldn’t it be encouraging for the American people to see our politicians working together? Why not start by first addressing the things that have broad support?

Canada Rationing Care

On Monday, I reported that the current and incoming presidents of the Canadian Medical Association were warning that Canada’s socialized healthcare system was “not sustainable” and on the verge of collapse. Both are suggesting that Canadians must look to free market reforms to improve quality and eliminate waiting lines. Conservatives in America are pointing to the problems north of the border as Obama and Congress seem determined to try out Canada’s broken system here.

Once again, news from the north proves why conservatives are right to be concerned. There is a report in the Vancouver Sun that should send chills down the spine of every American. Faced with a budget shortfall, the healthcare bureaucrats in Canada’s socialized system have decided to ration care and may cancel thousands of scheduled surgeries!

With Obama’s spending producing four times the deficits of the Bush presidency, don’t think that rationing can’t happen here. It may if we turn our healthcare over to the same bureaucrats and politicians who bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, and gave us Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Post Office, which is begging to cut services now.

Robert Novak, RIP

My friend Robert Novak died of a brain tumor yesterday at his home. He was a good man and a great journalist. He will be missed. Bob was a conservative, but his column was fair. He went after hypocrisy wherever he found it – Right or Left. Bob and I disagreed about some things, not the least of which was my support of Israel and the war in the Iraq. But more often than not, Bob was on the “right” side of the battle and enjoyed demolishing liberals on his frequent cable TV appearances over the years.

The New York Post reminded its readers this morning that Novak was fond of telling young people to “Always love your country – but never trust your government … be wary of its power … a government that can give you everything can take everything away.” One way we can honor him is by remembering his sage advice as an antidote to the socialists in Washington, D.C., who believe they can run your life better than you can.

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