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AFP: Read & Respond Today!! Sprint to the Finish on Tax Repeal!

AFP Oregon

The results of our plan to provide a tremendous grassroots effort to gather signatures to repeal the Legislature’s job killing tax increases are exceeding our expectations as our 90-day “Stop the Taxes” plan unfolds.  To ensure its ultimate success, I must raise $25,000 by the end of AugustIf everyone reading this would contribute just $10, $15 or $25 we would make this goal!  If you have ever considered becoming involved financially in stopping these outrageous tax increases, I urge you to Click here to Donate now!

Thousands of signatures have been pouring into our campaign headquarters in Tigard as our 25 local AFP-Oregon Chapters get engaged in signature gathering at county fairs, farmers markets, local festivals and even going door-to-door.  Additionally, an average of 100 single signer petitions – downloaded from our website – have been arriving daily, giving us an unexpected boost.

Despite tremendous positive response from our volunteers and voters across the state, our work is not finished and the financial needs are still great.

Phase 1 (training local AFP-Oregon Chapters) was completed in July.  Phase 2 (30 “Stop the Taxes” Town Halls around Oregon) has been underway for the past couple of weeks with well over 1,000 Oregonians receiving AFP University-approved signature gathering training and taking home petition packets.  Our statewide structure of local signature captains and Chapter Leaders overseeing groups of volunteers and collecting completed petition sheets is essential to the success of any volunteer effort of this type and it is producing results.

The AFP-Oregon team fanned out across Oregon to present these tax Town Hall meetings, often several in the same day on different sides of the state.  We used the depth of our team to cover the entire state, including areas such as John Day, Brookings, Klamath Falls and Ontario, and as a result we have started new AFP-Oregon Chapters in those counties.  In many of these areas, there was no signature gathering effort at all until AFP-Oregon came to town.

I am confident our efforts will be rewarded with AFP-Oregon reaching its signature gathering targets and contributing mightily to the overall signature gathering effort.  More importantly, though, thousands of Oregonians will have joined AFP-Oregon, building our strength and depth in advancing our principles of limited government for future battles at the local, state and federal levels.  Already some of our activists have realized how the power of the initiative and referendum system can be used to effect real change right where they live.  We have two local initiatives gathering signatures in Jackson County and are about to begin another in a Clackamas County town.  We can now provide trained signature gatherers in virtually every county in Oregon.

We are two-thirds of the way to our goal of raising the funds necessary to carry us the last 5 weeks of this campaign, and if I can raise $25,000 in the next two weeks, I am confident we will be successful in gathering enough signatures to allow the people of Oregon to have the final say on these destructive tax increases.

As we enter the last phase of our plan to accomplish this goal, please consider making an investment in this battle.  The stakes are too high for us to lose this fight.

As always, Freedom First!

Jeff Kropf, State Director

P.S. – The Obama Team brags that their supporters respond to appeals like this one by the thousands.  Do they believe more strongly in their principles then we do in ours?  Are they willing to sacrifice more to see their vision of America become a reality?  Your contribution of $25, $15 or $10 right now will send the message that we are strong, tooDonate now!

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