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AFP: Update on Signature Campaign/AFP-ORP Interaction

AFP Oregon

AFP-Oregon members are doing a tremendous job in gathering signatures to refer the Legislature’s job killing tax increases to the ballot.  So far, you have turned in more than 21,000 signatures, with hundreds more streaming into the Volunteer HQ every day.  This is the greatest number of any grassroots organization on petitions 301 and 302 and we have the highest accuracy rate. Your effort is greatly appreciated.  Please be sure and continue to quickly turn in completed signature sheets to your Captain, your Chapter Leader or the Volunteer HQ.

In keeping with our principles of limited government, AFP-Oregon fully supports the separate efforts to gather signatures to refer the Legislature’s health care insurance sales tax (Petition 303) and the increase in the gas tax (Petition 304).  Some AFP-Oregon Chapters and individual members have taken it upon themselves to circulate these two petitions.  As with any true grassroots group, local members and Chapters must be free to take on projects they support so long as they are in line with AFP’s principles and AFP staff will do what they can to support the members and Chapters.

Some confusion has occurred in the interaction when AFP members gather signatures at Oregon Republican Party events or at booths sponsored by the ORP.  The state Republican Party has not taken an official position with regard to either Petition 303 or Petition 304 and its members are not circulating these petitions at ORP events or in ORP booths.  The ORP has requested that AFP-Oregon members not circulate these two petitions at ORP events or in ORP booths.  Additionally, the ORP has requested that AFP-Oregon members who are guests in ORP booths turn over their completed Petition 301 and Petition 302 signature sheets to the ORP.

We ask that AFP-Oregon members respect the wishes of the ORP in these two matters.  If you are a guest in an ORP booth at the State Fair, for instance, please do not circulate Petitions 303 and 304 while you are working the booth.  At the end of your shift, please turn over your completed 301 and 302 petitions to the ORP representative on site.  Obviously, you are free to circulate any petitions you wish when not serving at an ORP event or booth.  You should continue to return any completed 303 and 304 petitions to the AFP-Oregon Volunteer HQ so we can send them to their respective campaigns as soon as possible.

Thank you again for all your hard work.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the AFP-Oregon Staff.

Yours in Freedom,

Jeff Kropf, State Director

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