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AFP: Sept 11 Newsletter – Shifting Our Focus

AFP Oregon

Petitions Pour Into AFP Office

The effort being put forth by AFP members continues to astound the experts.  When we first became involved in this effort, some campaign veterans pooh-poohed volunteer signature gathering, giving it low marks for validity rates and ability to generate lots of signatures.  AFP members are now quickly approaching 30,000 signatures turned in and continue to have the highest validity rate of any organization or group participating in this coalition.  This is a testament to your hard work and to the quality of the training AFP has been providing.  That’s why the Secretary of State’s private investigator, after witnessing our Albany Town Hall event, wrote “The training was very thorough and was consistent with the training provided by the Elections Division.”

We urge you to continue to send in your 301 and 302 petitions sheets as soon as they are completed.  We want to crescendo that effort on September 18th – just one week from today!

Time to Shift Our Focus to Petition 304

Jack Swift is the AFP Josephine County Chapter Leader and one of the Chief Petitioners on Petition 303, which would refer the Legislature’s new taxes on health insurance and hospitals to the ballot.  Jack asked us to send a note from him to all AFP members:

“With time now short, I believe that Petition 304 – which would refer the Legislature’s gas tax increase to the ballot – is absolutely the most critical to be successful.  My recommendation is that the emphasis of the signature gathering by AFP members over the final two weeks be on Petition 304.”

With this in mind, AFP urges its members to make an all-out effort on Petition 304.  As we’ve noted repeatedly over the last several months, all of these referrals are consistent with AFP’s principles and values.  You have done tremendous work on Petitions 301 and 302 and we believe – though time is very short – you can bring the same energy, drive and quality to the 304 effort.  Here is a link to the single signer petition on 304.  Please take a moment right now to forward this link – or this newsletter – to those in your email contact list you believe might be supportive.

The Oregonians Against Highway Robbery campaign has identified gas stations in 16 Oregon counties – 50 stations in all – that will welcome signature gatherers.  Others may soon be available.  These assignments are like shooting fish in a barrel – signature rates as high as 17-20 per hour are being realized and with thousands of customers visiting every week, having these stations covered could be the difference maker.

To volunteer for a shift or shifts at a local gas station, please contact Eric Winters at 503-754-9096 or [email protected]

This Week’s Results

1.  Marion County

2.  Yamhill County

3.  Washington County

4.  Clackamas County

5.  Douglas County

6.  Lincoln County

7.  Umatilla County

8.  Deschutes County

9.  Coos County

10.  Lane County

Wasting Tax Dollars “Investigating” Signature Gatherers

We’ve reported before on all the shenanigans surrounding the Secretary of State’s office and other government officials trying their best to make our job harder.  Here’s a hilarious story from The Oregonian’s Jeff Mapes about the private investigators the Secretary of State has hired in a “pilot” program to try and catch fraud in the signature gathering effort.  If you follow the link in that blog post and search for AFP you’ll find the report from our Albany Town Hall signature gathering training that we referenced above.

Big Events Coming Up

AFP needs volunteer signature gatherers at two huge upcoming events, the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest September 17-20 and the Pendleton Round-Up September 16-19.  To work Oktoberfest, please contact Lee Vasche ([email protected] or 503-400-6040).  To work the Round-Up, please contact Deana Leindach ([email protected] or 541-786-8117).

AFP Grows With Signature Effort

The signature gathering effort has been a real “trial by fire” for many of us.  There are loads of positive things coming out of that effort, including new AFP Chapters around Oregon.  Next month, the Jefferson County and Lake County Chapters will hold their first meetings.  We expect new Chapters to begin meeting in John Day and Ontario shortly.  There is a hunger at the grassroots level for principle and for effectiveness.  AFP is offering both of those and much, much more.

Remembering 9/11

Please click here.

Thank you for all you do for freedom.  Let’s finish strong.

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