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AFP: Final Push/Collection on Petitions

AFP Oregon

Thank you for all you have done in the past month to gather signatures to refer the Legislature’s tax increases to the ballot.  AFP Members have outdone themselves in their efforts and have proven the value of grassroots volunteers.

Working with our coalition partners, we have developed a plan to have a massive signature sheet turn-in/signing opportunity this coming Friday, September 18.  On that day – from Noon – 6:00 pm – volunteers will be available at all Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sites and other places around our state.  They won’t, of course, be inside the DMV offices, but outside on public property.  An advertising campaign spreading the word about this opportunity begins today.

With this in mind, AFP asks two things of you:

1)  If you can volunteer a couple of hours or more on Friday to staff a local DMV office or other site, please contact Deanne Kastine by email at [email protected] or call the AFP-Oregon Volunteer Office at 503-598-9800. Obviously, your flexibility with regard to precisely where you are stationed is appreciated.  Rest assured we will not assign you to a site where significant travel is involved.

2)  If you cannot volunteer Friday, please make plans to turn in all your completed signature sheets at one of these locations on that day.

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