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Greg Smith: Update

State Representative Greg Smith
Oregon House of Representatives
House District 57

Proudly Serving Union, Wallowa, Morrow
& Umatilla Counties

News Update
September 9, 2009

Welcome Friends and Neighbors,

Below is a link to a recently published article in the Wallowa County Chieftain.  It is titled “A Conversation with Rep. Greg Smith.” I hope you will take a moment and read the article.  It summarizes the 75th Legislative Session very well and does a good job of capturing my opinions.

Best Regards,

Greg Smith

P.S.  One correction in the article…I made a reference to Type B hospitals.  This was my error.  I meant to say Type A – Critical Access Hospitals.

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One Response to “Greg Smith: Update”

  • jay:

    Hang in there Rep Smith! You’re doing an excellent job for us. I think it’s sad that some laws can be passed that take away individual and community rights of self government. The US and Oregon constitutions are supposed to protect the minority from being trampled on by the majority. The problem is, I think we send too much money in taxes to Salem, then we have to go cap-in-hand for school funding and other simple necessities. I would rather see taxes dramatically reduced and state funding cut an equal amount. Then local decisions could better be made, and the power for basic necessities would be back in local hands. It just makes sense that we don’t want to fund inner-city gang programs any more than Multnomah county wants to fund 4H programs.

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