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AFP: Contact Sen. Wyden & Urge a “No” Vote on Health Care Take-Over!!

AFP Oregon

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee is poised for a vote on Chairman Baucus’ health care legislation.  We believe this vote will occur tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13.  Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden sits on this Committee, and it’s important for AFP members to weigh in with their thoughts on this legislation.

We encourage you to contact Senator Wyden at 202-224-5244 and urge him to vote “No” on the Finance Committee bill.  You may also send an email here.

Join AFP’s “Patients First!” effort to bring much-needed market reforms to America’s health care system.

Here are some facts:

“The Senate Finance health care bill will REDUCE the DEFICIT,” screamed the newspapers after the Congressional Budget Office’s preliminary analysis. Well, you know this isn’t true.

  • Tax increases as “savings”: The CBO estimate, which claims Sen. Baucus’s bill would reduce the deficit, looks like it is designed to give President Obama a promise kept – that he would not sign any health care bill that increases the deficit. Their fuzzy math is using TAX INCREASES in the bill to bring in more money to the government. It’s the tax increase money that makes it look like the $900-billion plan is “reducing the deficit.” Because taking more money from us, the taxpayers, is counted as “savings” when it comes to government accounting!
  • Leaves 25 million uninsured: The CBO estimate also projects that by the year 2019, we would still have 25 million uninsured!! How can anyone take this seriously when the president just said in his major speech that we have a problem of “30 million uninsured”?
  • Raising taxes on the middle class: One of the ways the Senate seeks to make money to pay for the health care bill is by taxing higher-cost insurance plans. Many people live in states whose insurance mandates have driven up the cost of their insurance, while union members are adamantly against this because their benefits packages tend to be rich. “The tax on insurers with high-cost plans could affect nearly 15 million households, according to the nonpartisan congressional Joint Tax Committee.” “According to a Joint Tax Committee analysis of the original Senate Finance Committee bill, 41% of individual plans and 37% of family plans would exceed the excise tax threshold by the year 2019.” 157 House Democrats even sent a letter to Pelosi opposing this tax. (Chicago Tribune, Oct. 7)

Remember, The Plan Still Has the Same Negatives!

  • Government-forced insurance: The Senate plan still has government-forced insurance, which is a much better way to describe the individual mandate. The government would force everyone to buy the type of health insurance they dictate – and if you don’t, you’ll pay a tax. If you can’t afford that tax, you could be penalized with up to a $25,000 fine or up to a year in jail.
  • Job-killing: New taxes on employers would kill jobs and would especially hurt small businesses.

“If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor”

Must-read: survey by Investor’s Business Daily shows that two-thirds of doctors surveyed are AGAINST Washington takeover of health care. What’s shocking: 45% said they would consider leaving the profession if Obama’s plans come to pass. You may like your doctor, but he/she might not be there any more.

Important to know: the American Medical Association, which has been supportive of Obama’s health care plans, represents only 18% of American doctors.

The American People Deserve to Know What the Heck Congress Is Doing

Please read the above line again. This is a simple but powerful message. Americans realize members of Congress are working on a health care plan that is behind closed doors, and Congress refuses to put it on the Web so all Americans can see it.

  • Congress needs to show the people exactly what they are planning and how it will affect Americans
  • Congress needs to be blunt with the American people about how many tax increases they want to create!
  • Your member of Congress and Senators need to pledge that they will READ THE ENTIRE HEALTH CARE BILL and give the American people a chance to see what is in it. Anything less makes no sense.

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