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AFP: “Net Neutrality” = Government Takeover of the Internet

AFP Oregon

These days, the internet is one of the few places where conservatives can go to get the truth about what our government is doing and share important information.  Now, the Federal Communications Commission – led by a liberal majority – is seeking to implement “Net Neutrality” regulations which would have the effect of giving government control of the internet. The purpose of this control will be to suppress conservative speech and criticism of the current Administration.

AFP-Oregon members are urged to contact the FCC and express their concerns over this effort.  Contact information is at the bottom of this message.  Please read the following information and contact the FCC with your comments at your earliest opportunity:

Net Neutrality = A Government Take Over of the Internet

As important as all the fights are that we’re in right now, perhaps the biggest of all is the fight over whether the government will take over the Internet.  That’s because as long as the Internet is free, we can use it to communicate, educate, and organize.  Tea parties, townhalls, and AFP events would be very difficult to organize if government owned and controlled the Internet and chose to interfere with it.  Our goal is to stop a government take-over of the Internet.


Net neutrality is generally defined as providing for an Internet that allows innovation in technology and free speech in content.  However proponents of this bill argue that regulation is needed over concern that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may start charging fees to guarantee priority on their networks or even shut down the entire Internet from certain services or information.

This legislation would do more harm than good by forcing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate commercial activity over the Internet for the first time.

With Congress bogged down with health care reform and the “cap and tax” global warming legislation and more, the FCC decides if it will move forward with “net neutrality” regulations.

  • Net Neutrality equals internet regulation and is a project of left wing radicals who seek to destroy private control of our communications systems.
  • This is a solution in search of a problem- it’s been 7 years since the scare began and phone/cable companies haven’t acted in a way to require government intervention.
  • Sounds simple–force phone/cable companies to treat all info. the same way–but networks are complex, with millions of lines of code in every router.
  • The government’s plan is then to step in and spend billions of our tax dollars on a government-owned and controlled Internet.
  • The push for a takeover of the Internet comes from the White House. Susan Crawford, Internet Czar, told The Wall Street Journal that the $7.2 billion of stimulus funds for broadband is a “down payment on future government investments in the Internet.”
  • Crawford said, “The incentive arguments made by these network providers are weak and occasionally internally inconsistent. Where a network provider has already built broadband access points (as in the case of Verizon), why does he need incentives to create them?”
  • Crawford founded OneWebDay- guaranteeing broadband Internet as a public utility, modeled on the radical environmental movement. She said, “We must advocate for the Internet politically.”
  • OneWebDay’s principal funder also funds Free Press (founders-Robert McChesney and John Nichols.) McChesney said, “The US is…the leading terrorist institution in the world today.” And “In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.”
  • Candidate Obama said: “I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Net Neutrality.”

Next Step:

The FCC is planning to regulate the Internet without Congressional action.  You can help by making your voice heard now at:  Pro-regulation activists are weighing in!  For more information, go to:  To join AFP-Oregon or provide feedback, please visit

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