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NRP: This Week in Washington

Special Health Care Reform Update
This Week in Washington – Courtesy of the Office of the Republican Whip
October 30, 2009
All the action turned to the House on Thursday as House Democrats proposed their “final” health care legislation, H.R. 3952, on the West Steps of the Capitol.  Despite all the hoopla, H.R. 3952 is still a flawed bill. This bill is still just as harmful to small business, just as expensive and just as harmful to seniors as H.R. 3200.Interestingly enough, the public was not allowed to be at the press conference the Democrats held on the Capitol steps to unveil the bill.  Watch this video to see people being turned away by the Capitol Police under Speaker Pelosi’s orders.  So much for transparency and the public’s right to know.  So just to be clear, the public option was proposed on public property but the public was not allowed to be there.  More on the Speaker turning away people who were not on “the list” here.

Republican Whip Eric Cantor has put together a top 10 list of why this bill is still bad medicine. Some of the lowlights include: new taxes on payroll and health savings accounts, new taxes and mandates on small businesses, the authorization of government funded abortions, and a complete disregard of medical liability reform.

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