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AFP: Health Care Call with Reps. Pence and Ryan Tonight

Americans for Prosperity

You’ve no doubt seen Speaker Pelosi’s “final” House bill.  The vote is scheduled for THIS Friday.  That’s why I’m asking you to take three key actions.

1)  This Thursday join our “Congressional House Call” day.  It’s easy.  Just go to your closest House or Senate local office at 12 Noon your time to make sure they hear your voice one last time before the House vote.  To find your closest office and to let us know you will take a stand Click Here.

2)  Tonight, 11/2, at 8:00 PM EST, we’re holding a national tele-town hall meeting with two key leaders in the House — Mike Pence (IN) and Paul Ryan (WI) — to provide you with details on the “Congressional House Call” and to give us a brief update. They will also answer as many of your questions as possible on where things stand on the health care battle with just days to go before the House vote.

Here’s how you can join – Call 1- 888-356-3090 and enter the extension 13536 when prompted.

3) Ask your friends and family to also join the “Congressional House Call” by forwarding this email to your contact list or Click Here and we can send the email for you.  Many of you tell me you’ve consistently contacted your member of Congress and Senators.  Keep doing it!  But, let’s get your friends and family involved for freedom as well.

Our goal with the “Congressional House Call” day is simple:  get as many grassroots activists as possible to deliver our “Hands Off My Health Care” message at local offices just before the House vote.

By clicking this link – – you will have the closest congressional office location detailed for you and you can even print off materials to deliver to the congressional office.  Speaker Pelosi and President Obama really believe our side is tired of the health care battle.  They believe time is on their side.

We’ve got to show them they’re wrong.  Join the “Congressional House Call” day this Thursday by going to your member’s district office this Thursday at 12 Noon your time.  Take pictures of your visit and send them to me at [email protected] or post them on my Facebook by clicking here.

If you cannot go in person use the link to call your member of the House and Senate at 12 Noon this Thursday and tell them you’re making a “Congressional House Call” by phone.

We’re at a crucial time in this health care battle.  Please take action!


Tim Phillips' Signature

Tim Phillips

P.S.  You may have seen Sean Hannity’s health care documentary that featured Americans for Prosperity and our — really your — efforts to stop the health care takeover.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it so Click Here –

And, please join us tonight for the tele-town hall with Congressman Mike Pence and Congressman Paul Ryan — Call 1- 888-356-3090 and enter the extension 13536 when prompted — as we detail where things stand in the House and how the November 5th “Congressional House Call” will work.

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