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MRPAC: Month in Review — October

November 2, 2009

month in review

As members of the Free and Strong America PAC family, we want to make sure you’re up to date with Mitt Romney and PAC news, schedules, links, pictures and video, as well as ways you can help.

Romney Makes Stops in CA, MO, NE, NJ, NY, PA, SC, TX, VA, WI… US Map

Governor Romney spent a busy October on the road helping Republican candidates with their races and working to strengthen party organizations. With November’s critical New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial elections, and 2010 contests right around the corner, the Free and Strong America PAC is spreading its conservative message around the nation, thanks to Governor Romney’s willingness to be a spokesman for the principles that have made America the hope of the world.

In a few days stretch this October, he went from having dinner with Governor Heineman and the Nebraska GOP to campaigning with Chris Christie in New Jersey to endorsing Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

These appearances are a great way of getting our message out and helping our friends in far away states. Your support makes them possible.

Foreign Policy Focus: AIPAC Speech and Two Op-Eds Iran Threat

Governor Romney gave a major foreign policy address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in San Diego.

Here’s what Jerusalem Post columnist David Horovitz had to say:

Romney said he had identified “a drift” in the US government’s relationship with Israel. He found it inexplicable that the administration had been exerting “substantial pressure on Israel while putting almost no pressure on the Palestinians and the Arab world.”

He wondered why Washington didn’t seem to be treating Israel as the peerless ally it is. He castigated Obama for his handling of the Iran nuclear crisis, ridiculing as “naive” the notion that the United States and the “ruthless and fanatical” rulers of Iran shared common interests and goals. “Stop thinking that a charm offensive will talk the Iranians out of their pursuit of nuclear weapons,” he urged the president. “It will not.” Why had the military option been taken off the table, Romney demanded? How could that be, he surged on, when Israel was facing an existential threat? Worse, he added, “Once an outstretched hand is met with a clenched fist, it becomes a symbol of weakness and impotence.”

Romney spoke with such energy and zest — praising Israel for putting the well-being of its own people above what he called “the approbation of foreign diplomats,” and warning the White House not to cede its commitment to Israel to the “reckless” United Nations — that at one point he had to stop himself. “I’m not giving you time to applaud, am I?” he said, holding up his hands in half-apology. But the thousand or so AIPAC delegates had got their applause in almost every time Romney drew breath. And they gave him a standing ovation at the end.

Read the full review here.
Read the full speech here.

The speech was adapted into two different op-eds, Iran: Biggest Threat Since Soviets” which appeared in Human Events and ” Stepping Away from Israel Will Weaken the United States” in the pages of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Sign up for PAC SMS Text Messages GOMITT

In response to the overwhelming demand by grass-roots supporters like you around the country, we are happy to announce the launch of our SMS text messaging program. This is a great way to stay in the loop on the latest news.

We hope you’ll sign up today to receive exclusive, real-time updates by texting “Go” to GOMITT (466488).

Mitt in the News Mitt in the News

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