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AFP: Thursday, Make Your Congressional House Call!

Americans for Prosperity

The “Congressional House Call Day” is less than 24 hours away. Thursday, November 5th at 12 noon, thousands of taxpayers from across the country will be visiting their Congressman’s local office to tell them to “keep their hands off our health care.” With the final House of Representatives vote scheduled for Friday, Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, and their left wing allies are twisting arms like you would not believe.

That’s why it is so crucial that you and I visit our congressional offices Thursday at 12 Noon.
If you need details on where your congressional office is go to and simply punch in your zip code.  You can also print off a Health Care petition to take with you.

Three final things:

1.  Take your digital camera or recorder with you and snap photos of your “Congressional House Call” and post them to my Facebook page or email them to [email protected].  We will have pictures from across the nation of YOU up by Thursday afternoon!

2. It’s not too late to tell your friends and family. Forward this info by clicking here.

3.  If something happens and you cannot attend at the last moment, please call or email your congressional office beginning at 12 Noon your time.

If you are able to come to Washington, DC, we encourage you to attend Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s National Congressional House Call on the West Front Steps of the U.S. Capitol (House Side) from 12:00-1:00pm. Click here to watch Congresswoman Bachmann’s invitation to the Congressional House Call.

The final battle in the House is this Friday and Saturday.  It’s crunch time and if you are going to make your voice heard, this “Congressional House Call” is it. Make sure to download the Patients First Reform Prescription and bring it along with you on your “House Call” and remember to take pictures of your visits, write down your stories, and send them to me at [email protected]. Or you can post your pictures and comments on my Facebook page by clicking here.

We need as many people as possible for this effort, so if you haven’t already done so, click here to forward this information to at least 5 of your family and friends. On November 5th, we will stand up and say to elected officials, “Hands off My Health Care!” Please take action!


Tim Phillips

P.S.  Remember to take pictures and video footage of your experiences during this exciting “Congressional House Call Day.” We want to show politicians in Washington that we will not sit by as they try to take over our health care system. Click here to add your pictures to my Facebook page, or email them to me at [email protected]. Thank you for all that you’re doing to fight back against this government takeover of health care.

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