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EOP: Help Stop the Senate Bill

Colleagues and Friends:

The US House passed its HCR bill by a vote of 220-215.  The final version of this $1.3 trillion bill has grown to over 2000 pages and will have a profound impact on the lives of every American family.  Despite the promise of transparency and accountability, there was no opportunity for 72 hours of public scrutiny prior to the vote.  Consequently, this legislation is certain to:

  • Create 111 new federal boards, commissions and programs with unprecedented power granted to the HHS Secretrary.
  • Establish a new massive entitlement program modeled on the nearly bankrupt Medicare/Medicaid system ($36 trillion in unfunded current liability).
  • Result in massive state deficits as millions of patients are added to their Medicaid program.
  • Pay for reform by taxing/fining small businesses $780 billion and hurt senior citizens by eliminating $400 billion from Medicare.
  • Mandate individuals/business purchase “government approved” insurance or face fines, criminal charges and possible imprisonment.
  • Eliminate private health insurance plans after law goes into effect, disputing the claim you can keep your current insurance/doctor.
  • Result in higher insurance premiums as determined by independent auditor Price Waterhouse Coopers.
  • Impose $$Billions in fees to pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. This cost will be passed on to patients and will stifle technological innovation.
  • Disrupt the doctor-patient relationship by establishing a non-physician, politically appointed board to define “quality” of care and determine which diagnostic tests and treatments patients are entitled based on government criteria.  This system will eventually lead to rationed care.
  • Explode the federal deficit ($239 billion according to the CBO) and burden future generations of Americans with record high taxes to fund this socialized healthcare system.

We do have good news!  There are numerous private, free-market and patient-centric solutions to this issue, however, they are being ignored by politicians and not being presented by a biased and complicit national media.  These alternatives will address the 3 major problems affecting our healthcare system:  access to affordable health insurance, rising costs and a dysfunctional medical liability system.  Please visit our website,, where we list practical and affordable suggestions.  Hit the “Prescription for Healthcare Reform” button on the opening page to learn more.

Passage into law of this disaster is not inevitable.  A strong possibility exists of defeating this in the Senate and there are things you can do to help us succeed.  We need to pressure all US Senators to VOTE NO, but specifically target the vulnerable and moderate Democrat Senators from the following battleground states: ARKANSAS, ALASKA, CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, CONNECTICUT, DELAWARE, FLORIDA, INDIANA, LOUISIANA, MAINE, MONTANA, NEBRASKA, NEVADA, OREGON, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA and WEST VIRGINIA.  (contact information is at ACTION LINK/submenu).

Please repeatedly call/email/fax/visit these politicians until the minute they vote.  Do not let their legislative aid dismiss your comments because you are not one of their constituents. Politely remind them their elected official is sworn to uphold the Constitution for every American and their vote will directly affect your family and business.  Senior citizens are encouraged to visit their Congressman in their local district offices.  The message is simple and clear: vote no on the existing healthcare bills being proposed.  Specifically:

VOTE NO for any “public” option and state “opt-out” provision.

VOTE NO on insurance mandates for individuals or businesses.

VOTE NO on insurance co-ops, exchanges or trigger mechanisms.

VOTE NO on any bill which jeopardizes the doctor-patient relationship by placing healthcare decision making in the hands of a bureaucrat.

VOTE NO on Cloture or any bypassing of normal Congressional protocol.

Remind them that “responsible” healthcare reform will guarantee:

  • Preservation of the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Insurance companies the ability to sell across state lines.
  • True medical liability reform.
  • Patients’ freedom of choice in choosing insurance plan and doctor.
  • Patients’ retain control in healthcare decisions with NO rationing.

If you are concerned how this legislation will determine your family’s continued access to timely, high quality and innovative healthcare, you need to act immediately and contact your Senators and mention the above talking points.  Share this information with family and friends and urge them to action.  Additional resources available at:

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