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EOP: Not So Weekly Letter

Eastern Oregon Patriots

9/12 Project

Thanks to all that came out to the meeting last night.  We had a good turnout.  Keep talking to your friends and neighbors. Our next meeting will be Thursday Dec. 3rd, 7 pm.

Robin Church, Union County Clerk, gave us a helpful overview of the election process.  There were many questions for her that she readily answered.  Primary elections and switching parties to vote in the primaries seemed to dominate many of the questions.  Robin and others saw no legal problem in switching parties to vote for the candidate of your choice. Others saw this as way to ensure the best candidate is chosen. Some expressed concern over appearance of flipping back and forth between parties.  In the end, it is an individual’s choice.

Michele Babcock presented and lead a good discussion about the  beginning of the 5,000 Year . Dec. 3rd we will discuss the introduction of the book. Email me if want to be included in the next book order.  The cost was $6.45 a book with shipping.

We also had a Brainstorming session about what people would like to see from this group.  This session has been extended to the message board. To add your comments go to

Be sure to check out the Healthcare Bill Update below.

Thanks to all of you,

Heather Kirkham



Dec. 3rd – Next Meeting

7 p.m. at the Flying J

topics: short discussion of The 5,000 Year Leap’s introduction

Other topics: TBA

Nov. 17th – The Call for Freedom, more information below

Nov. 18th – AFP’s Hot Air Tour inPortland, more info at

No. 21st – Physicians and Patients Rally Across America

Oregon Location: State Capital Steps in Salem, 10 a.m.

Nov. 17th – The Call for Freedom – Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. (MST)


Many people praise the Federal Government for its role in granting millions of Americans the opportunity to seek learning at institutions of higher education. Join us as we pull back the curtain and show how these seemingly gallant practices are undermining the viability of our bastions of learning, both economically and socially. And how government interaction in education is actually hurting the students its supposed to help.

Join us for a lively discussion and prepare to re-examine potentially some of your own deeply held beliefs about education and how it relates to the proper role of government.

Presented by: Randall Hinton and Thomas Dyches

• Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 862-7200 then enter access code: 467648

• Begins at 9:00 p.m. (MST) sharp!

• Call kicks off with a 30-minute presentation by our speakers followed by an open forum discussion to answer your questions and debate.

• Details at:

Healthcare Update

As you probably know by now, the House has passed its version of Obamacare by a very slim margin. The polls are showing a sharp decline in public support for Obamacare. The Senate is set to take up the Health Care bill debate next week. Let’s keep the pressure on and finally kill this massive taxation and power-grabbing piece of legislation. Go to or to find out how you can help, and keep contacting your representatives.

When making your calls and sending your emails, please be sure to make simple points:

No Government Takeover of Health Care !!!-

  • No Public Option – American’s can’t afford the trillions of dollars in new taxes that would be required to pay for Obamacare.
  • No Mandates – Forcing people to buy insurance and then fining them or even putting them in jail if they don’t is wrong. (This will be enforced by the IRS).
  • No More Taxes- Tax increases to pay for a new government program will only slow economic recovery and keep unemployment high.

One last point, when calling a Senator’s office from another state, you can tell them that their vote will effect all Americans.  You can also let them know you will be happy to contribute to the campaign of their opponent the next time they are up for reelection!

Thanks for all you are doing to save our Republic and great capitalist society!  Together we can Kill This Bill!


Sen. Mark Begich (D AK)


Sen. Michael F. Bennet (D CO)


Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D WV)


Sen. Mary L. Landrieu (D LA)


“When Asked After Her Speech If The Senator Would Support A Public Option Under Any Circumstances, She Said, ‘Very Few, If Any. I’d Prefer A Private Market-Based Approach To Any Health Care Reform That Would Extend Coverage.’ ‘I’d like to cover everyone — that would be the moral thing to do — but it would be immoral to bankrupt the country while doing so,’ Landrieu said.” (“Landrieu Says She Would Likely Oppose Government Insurance Option,” [Monroe, LA] Star News, 8/26/09)

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D CT)


“There Will Be No Shot At 60 Votes, Because I’m Not The Only One.” (“Lieberman: Without Public Option, Health Reform Would Pass,” Connecticut Post, 9/4/09)

Sen. Blanche L. Lincoln (D AR)


“For Some In My Caucus, When They Talk About A Public Option They’re Talking About Another Entitlement Program, And We Can’t Afford That Right Now As A Nation.” (“Lincoln: Public Option Too Expensive,” Arkansas News, 9/1/09)

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D MO)


Sen. E. Benjamin Nelson (D NE)


“It’s A Deal-Breaker For Me If There’s A Government-Run Plan To Replace Existing Insurance Plans.” (“Nelson Open To Public Role In Health Reform,” Lincoln Journal Star [NE], 5/31/09)

Sen. Mark Pryor (D AR)


Sen. Mark Warner (D VA)


“Listen, A Government Insurance Option That Doesn’t Change The Financial Incentives Isn’t Going To Get The Job Done.” (CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” 9/9/09)

Sen. James H. Webb Jr. (D VA)



Our Representatives

Senator Ron Wyden

223 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510-3703; 202-224-5244; Fax: 202-228-2717; Web and E-mail:

La Grande: Sac Annex Bldg., 105 Fir St., Suite 201, La Grande 97850; 541-962-7691; Fax: 541-963-0885.

Sennator Jeff Merkley

B40-B Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510; 202-224-3753; Fax: 202-228-3997; Web and E-mail:

Portland: One World Trade Center, 121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1250, Portland 97204; 503-326-3386; Fax: 503-326-2900

Representative Greg Walden

Washington, D.C., Office: 2352 Rayburn House Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20515; 202-225-6730; Fax: 202-225-5774; Web and E-mail:

La Grande: 1211 Washington Ave., La Grande 97850; 541-624-2400; Fax: 541-624-2402

All national Senators:

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