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AFP: Senate Votes Government-Run Health Care Looms Act Now

Patients First a Project of Americans for Prosperity

In the dark of night, they did it again.

Earlier this evening, 60 members of the United States Senate voted for government control of your health care. We will not forget how they voted tonight!

Sound familiar? It should. It’s the Pelosi playbook for a government takeover, all over again.

Make no mistake about it: this was a vote for the largest expansion of government in our lifetimes.

Call & Email your Congressman Now

Harry Reid has had his bill for 6 weeks – shouldn’t the American people have at least the same amount of time to review it and know what it contains? After all, 2,074 pages isn’t exactly light reading! Stay tuned to Patients First for all the details on this irresponsible piece of legislation.

Here’s what we know for sure. This reckless bill:

  • Generates loads of new taxes – Nonpartisan experts at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) have concluded that new excise taxes on medical devices would be passed on to patients, increasing insurance premiums and increasing prices on everything from wheelchairs to pacemakers. The tax increases in the Senate bill add up to almost $500 billion!
  • Grows Government – The Senate bill would force 15 million Americans into the flawed Medicaid program, which 4 in 10 doctors won’t accept because the program underpays providers. Studies show that expanding the program directly increases costs for everyone else, since doctors and hospitals must make up for their losses under Medicaid by shifting costs to other patients.
  • Forces young people to pay higher premiums – A study by actuarial firm Oliver Wyman found the restrictive new insurance regulations in both the House and Senate bills would increase premiums for young people by 69 percent.
  • Forces everyone to purchase costly plans – Requiring everyone to purchase expensive health care plans with high premiums – and not allowing people to choose affordable options that meet their budgets and needs – would mean lower-cost, high-deductible plans would no longer be available.

In other words, doctors will become scarcer as their civil rights are diminished, Americans will have less choice and lower quality care under a government-run insurance plan and millions of middle-class citizens will drown in unbearable taxes.

This vote was a victory for Reid, Pelosi and Obama. But the battle is far from over. Call your Senator now and tell them Hands off My Health Care!

If your Senator voted:

  • Against the bill — thank them for putting patients first;
  • For the bill – tell them they cast the wrong vote. Then email your friends and ask them to call their Senator. Send them this link ( to make it easy.


Patients First Team


Patients First, A Project of Americans for ProsperityTM, focused on real health care reform that will lead to more choices for patients and affordable healthcare options for all. Patients First is not affiliated in any way with Patient First healthcare clinics.

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