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November 2009
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MRPAC: Month in Review

November 30, 2009

month in review

As members of the Free and Strong America PAC family, we want to make sure you’re up to date with Mitt Romney and PAC news, schedules, links, pictures and video, as well as ways you can help.

Focus on Afghanistan: The Cost of Obama’s On-the-Job Training YAF video

Politico ran an op-ed by Governor Romney criticizing President Obama for his lack of focus and strategy in our conflict in Afghanistan. Governor Romney echoed these sentiments in a speech to the Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, CA.

Here’s part of that op-ed:

While he was busy campaigning in the U.S., the president ignored the election in Afghanistan and took wholly inadequate measures to ensure a valid outcome, even as he must have known that a legitimate government was essential to our success. Because Obama left so critical a matter to chance, we are left with a fraudulently elected regime, which is accused of rampant corruption. Thus, the prospects for our success have been greatly diminished.

With the McChrystal report in his hands since August, the president has finally been spending more time in the situation room. Surely his deliberations have not been speeded by the presence of Axelrod, the president’s campaign adman. Polls, politics and perspectives on what the TV networks may think have no place at the national security table. Communications staff should be informed of security decisions after they are made, not invited to be a party to them.

Read the full piece here.
Watch the full video of the YAF speech here.

“No Apology: The Case for American Greatness” Now Available for Pre-Order No Apology book cover Governor Romney’s new book hits bookstores on March 2nd, but you can pre-order your copy today at In the book, he outlines his views on how to create a stronger economy, military and families, and his vision on jobs, education, health care, energy and citizenship.

A Note on the Republican Victories in NJ and VA Romney and McDonnell

This month it was exhilarating to see headlines of conservative victories in the battleground elections in Virginia and New Jersey. The American people have sent a strong message to the liberals in Washington, DC that big government is not the answer, and that conservatism is still alive and well.

We worked extremely hard on behalf of Bob McDonnell and the entire Republican ticket in Virginia, and helped him close strong with a full day of campaigning in the final week; in New Jersey, we endorsed Chris Christie early and made sure he had the resources to be competitive against his better-financed opponent; in Michigan, we raised money for Republican Mike Nofs, who captured a key State Senate seat previously held by a Democrat; and we worked tirelessly for our friend and ally Barbara Comstock, a leading fixture in the conservative movement, who won an uphill fight for a House of Delegates seat in Virginia, where she’ll be a reliable vote for Governor-elect McDonnell’s conservative agenda.

Mitt in the News Mitt in the News

CNN: Romney Accuses Obama of Not Protecting Troops
AP: Romney: Obama Economic Stimulus Plan Is a Failure
LA TIMES: Romney Talks about the Economy, Tea Parties and the Future of the Republican Party
FL TIMES-UNION: Romney Highlights Republican Dinner
BOSTON HERALD: Mitt Romney Slams Stimulus Plan

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