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AFP: Reid and His Bill Increasingly Out of Touch With Public

Patients First a Project of Americans for Prosperity
Dear Patients First supporter,

Yesterday, the Senate began debate on the 2,074 page Reid health care bill. It will cost taxpayers a staggering $848 billion while leaving 24 million Americans uninsured and increase premiums by 10-13%, according to the new CBO estimate.

The Reid bill fails to control costs and risks quality for the health care of many Americans. Poll after poll show Americans oppose Reid’s idea of reform. A new Gallup poll found that independent voters oppose passage by a 53% to 37% margin while support among both Republican and Democrat voters has declined significantly.

Despite public opinion, Leader Reid refuses to slow down and listen. He is determined to ram his bill through the Senate. To stop him we must raise the same amount of noise as we did during the August town halls.

Call your Senator today and let him know you oppose the Reid bill, H.R. 3590. America can’t afford these massive tax hikes and government-run health care.

In a desperate act by the Administration, they trotted out “the White House’s favorite economist” to claim that not only will Americans experience better coverage under the Reid plan, but they will also pay less for it. We would all like for this to be true but both of these statements belie reality. Only by discounting the $848 billion of taxpayer subsidies can you conclude that some people will pay lower premiums. And with roughly $464 billion of cuts to Medicare, care will be rationed for seniors and lower-income individuals relying on government-run insurance. No amount of gimmicks and accounting tricks can hide the true cost of this bill.

Please join us in the fight to stop the Washington takeover of health care by calling your Senator today. Americans deserve reform that lowers cost through the sale of insurance across state lines, reforms medical malpractice liability and keeps the government out of your doctor’s office.

Leader Reid and his fellow Democrats are out of touch with what Americans want and we need to make sure they know there will be a price for casting the wrong vote. The most important vote is approaching soon.


Patients First Team

P.S. Call your Senator today and let him know you oppose the Reid bill, H.R. 3590!


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