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American Research Council: Gay Marriage: Always a Bridesmaid

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Gay Marriage: Always a Bridesmaid

People who were predicting a photo finish for same-sex “marriage” in New York were surprised to see the bill limp over the finish line yesterday after a monster victory for conservatives. The Senate vote was so lopsided–38 to 24–that even Republicans were shocked by the final tally. The bill’s sponsor, Gov. David Paterson (D), who may have pushed the issue into an early grave, was stunned by the beating the legislation took in a Senate controlled by liberal Democrats. A 14-vote margin is “pretty substantial,” Paterson told reporters. So substantial, in fact, that it may give New Jersey’s leaders all the ammunition they need to bury their same-sex “marriage” bill this session.

Against his better judgment, Gov. Paterson forced a vote on the issue just one month after Maine voters turned out en force to repeal a similar bill in their state. And just up the road from Albany, New Yorkers had also made their feelings known on the issue in District 23’s special election, a race that forced a liberal Republican to drop out over her support for homosexual “marriage.” Obviously, these senators counted the political costs before doing the bidding of the radical Left. They’re finally learning that it doesn’t pay to go against the American people. Those who do should be prepared to lose a lot more than gay “marriage.”

Porn in the U.S.A.

A few racy photos can add up to a big picture disaster. Just ask FRC’s Dr. Pat Fagan. Yesterday, he released a compilation of studies on pornography that shows how this addiction can create problems in marriages, children, and even society. Here are some quick highlights from the data. Men who look at pornography are more likely to feel dissatisfied in their marriages. They also have a higher tolerance for things like rape, sexual aggression, and promiscuity. Child sex offenders, for instance, are more likely to view pornography. The industry can also be devastating to American cities. It’s well-documented that sexually-oriented businesses usually mean higher crime and a decrease in property values. You can read the evidence for yourself by logging on to our website. Pornography isn’t a harmless hobby. It’s a community killer.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Pay for More Failure

Yesterday, the National Institutes of Health released the first 13 lines of cells under Obama’s new policy to destroy life in the name of embryonic stem cell (ESC) “research.” “This is the first down payment,” said NIH Director Francis S. Collins, drawing a perfect picture of the commodification of life under this administration. Obama’s decision puts the government in a business which is not only unethical but also medically unnecessary.

As recently as this week, researchers announced that they successfully used adult stem cells to treat lung disease in mice. The week before, scientists produced evidence that they had used patients’ own cells to repair heart damage caused by heart attacks. President Obama would like us to believe that, through his policy, the U.S. is on the cutting-edge of science. In reality, the best technology is moving in the opposite direction of ESC research. To see how ethical science is helping patients now, check out FRC’s new “Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life” videos on our website.

A Fact a Day Keeps Senate Health Care Away…

The Washington Post has picked up on something we reported a few weeks ago, which is that most of the provisions in the Senate bill don’t take effect until after 2014. “Measured against the promises of President Obama… the [health care] bill the Senate begins debating this week could be setting Americans up for disappointment: Some of the main reforms would not take place for several years, and even when they do… the bill does too little to make sure they would be enforced.” There are plenty of reasons why Democrats are delaying the “benefits” of the bill that they have long promised. If they postpone the biggest provisions of the bill, it gives taxpayers a false sense of security about the bill’s cost. The longer they delay the most expensive entitlements, the lower the price tag will seem.

On the Senate floor yesterday, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) finally admitted what we’ve known all along–that his bill will cost as much as $2.5 trillion. “Health care reform, whether you… start in 2010 or 2014… it is still either $1 trillion or $2.5 trillion, depending on where you start…” Of course, it’s no coincidence that President Obama will be facing reelection in 2012, so the potential failures of the bill wouldn’t be fully known until two years later. But liberals shouldn’t worry too much about raising money for the plan; the major provisions that tax and fine Americans begin as soon as the bill passes.

Climate Talks Blow More Hot Air

In December, more than 170 countries are meeting in Copenhagen to talk about a world treaty to cut greenhouse gasses. (A conference, ironically, that’s estimated to create 40,584 tons of carbon emissions–roughly the same amount that the entire country of Morocco generated in 2006). Liberals are hoping to put the environment on the front burner before Denmark–but that might be difficult considering the political climate in America . To continue reading, click here to jump over to the FRC Blog

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