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AFP: Live from Copenhagen

Americans for Prosperity

In just two days, I am asking you to tune in as AFP will host our “LIVE From Copenhagen” event exposing the outrageous hypocrisy and the dangerous cap-and-trade policy coming from the United Nations Climate Change Conference that’s beginning now.

This Wednesday at 12 NOON (Eastern Standard Time) you’ll be able to go to to see our live event with special guest Lord Monckton, who is a leading expert — and a YouTube sensation — on the U.N. Conference. It is at this conference that President Obama is expected to begin the process of committing the United States to a binding treaty that will bring cap-and-trade in through the back door.  And, President Obama has signaled that he intends to offer tens of billions of our tax dollars to “developing nations” as a subsidy to get their signoff on the treaty as well.

Click here for more details on Wednesday’s “LIVE From Copenhagen” event and let us know you’ll be joining us as we send a powerful message to the politicians — grassroots activists across our nation are watching their actions in Copenhagen, and they will not stand for an international treaty brokered by the United Nations that will bring job-killing, tax-increasing cap-and-trade to our nation.

To give you a feel for what’s happening in Copenhagen now, check out the video our intrepid film crew just created on-site from the United Nations Conference.

We’ve all seen the stunning “Climategate” e-mails from leading global warming scientists, causing the basis for international climate policy to be called into question.

I know you’ll be shocked to hear this, but U.N. bureaucrats and, sadly, our own President are ignoring this scandal and pressing full speed ahead with their cap-and-trade agenda.

We’re pressing forward, too, with our effort to protect America’s freedoms and our economic prosperity from legislation that will kill jobs here at home and raise taxes on energy like the gasoline we use for our automobiles and the heat for our homes during what’s shaping up to be an awfully cold winter.

December is here and we all want to enjoy the holidays.  But while honoring this holiday season, let’s also keep up the fight for our freedoms!

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PS:  I’ll see you this Wednesday at 12 Noon (EST) “LIVE from Copenhagen” as AFP takes our message to the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  Click here for details.

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