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EOP: Helpful New Features on the Website and Action Plan

To  All,

Are you concerned about the current power grab in Washington?

Docs 4 Patient Care is an organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a health care system that preserves the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, promotes quality of care, supports affordable access to all Americans, and protects patients’ freedom of choice.  They are doing what the AMA is not doing by working hard to protect both patients and physician rights from the bureaucratic take over of our healthcare system. Lately, D4PC doctors have been making multiple trips a month to D.C. at there own expense, lobbying for alternative healthcare solutions and to stop this rushed healthcare “reform.” I urge those who are anxious to save our healthcare system and our personal freedoms to look into this group and considering adding your voice to theirs by signing up on their website .  Below is one of Docs 4 Patient Care’s letters to physicians, healthcare workers and patients.

Heather Kirkham

concerned citizen

Friends and Colleagues:

We wanted to inform of you of several new features on the website which will help us promote our message, provide useful information on this issue and recruit more concerned patients and doctors to Docs4patientCare.

On the opening page, you will find 2 new buttons:  “Doctor Letter to Patients” and “Patient Letter to Doctors”.  If you are a patient, we ask that you print off the “Letter to Doctors” and deliver to as many doctors/health care providers in your community as possible.  This letter urges doctors to speak out on behalf of patients and introduces them to the existence of D4PC.  If you are a doctor or other allied health professional, please print the “Letter to Patients” and place in the hand of every patient you see.  This letter explains to patients how the current legislation will affect their healthcare and what they can do today to get involved.

On the ACTION tab, under links, we have posted various websites that have expert and insightful opinions from many of the nation’s leading authorities on healthcare policy.  The information from these resources will be of value to you in understanding the potential impact on your quality/availability of medical care, personal health decision making and the negative impact on the US economy if these bills become law.

Finally, in addition to contacting your 2 US Senators and the Senators from the “key” states listed on the website, we need you to call your state medical society and urge them to follow the lead of California, Florida, Ohio and Texas and issue a public statement rejecting the US House and Senate Bill.  As a concerned patient in their state, you urge them to uphold their Hippocratic Oath and represent the well-being of patients.

The President paid another weekend visit to Capitol Hill making it clear he wants the Senate bill voted on by Christmas.  Your Senators are under tremendous pressure by the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get this bill passed into law before the end of the year.  Over the last several months, we have provided the information and data to show how Congress’ vision of healthcare reform runs contrary to the majority of Americans.   Furthermore, their proposals will only result in decreased quality, increased cost, increased bureaucracy and inefficiency, reduced innovation and ultimately, rationing of care determined by a politically appointed board of politicians.

We should follow our elected leadership in Washington and also exert pressure on the Senate, but tell them to VOTE NO on this legislation which will guarantee the destruction of the American healthcare system.  The healthcare system we will have to live with.  Please forward this email to 10-20 contacts.  Thank you for your help.

Contact information for the US Senate and “KEY” Senators is available at:, under “How to Stop the Senate Bill”.  State medical society contact information is provided below.

State Phone Number
Alabama 800-239-6272
Alaska 907-562-0304
Arizona 800-482-3480
Arkansas 800-542-1058, 501-224-8967
California 916-444-5532
Colorado 800-654-5653
Connecticut 800-635-7740
Delaware 302-658-7596
District of Columbia 202-466-1800
Florida 850-224-6496
Georgia 800-282-0224
Hawaii 808-536-7702
Idaho 208-344-7888
Illinois 800-782-4767
Indiana 800-257-4762
Iowa 515-223-1401
Kansas 800-332-0156
Kentucky 502-426-6200
Louisiana 800-375-9508
Maine 207-622-3374
Maryland 410-539-0872
Massachusetts 781-893-4610
Michigan 517-337-1351
Minnesota 800-342-5662
Mississippi 800-898-0251
Missouri 800-869-6762
Montana 406-443-4000
Nebraska 402-474-4472
Nevada 775-825-6788
New Hampshire 603-224-1909
New Jersey 609-896-1766
New Jersey 609-896-1766
New Mexico 800-748-1596
New York 518-465-8085
North Carolina 919-833-3836
North Dakota 701-223-9475
Ohio 800-766-6762
Oklahoma 800-522-9452
Oregon 503-619-8000
Pennsylvania 717-558-7750
Rhode Island 401-331-3207
South Carolina 803-798-6207
South Dakota No # available
Tennessee 615-385-2100
Texas 512-370-1300
Utah 801-747-3500
Vermont 802-223-7898
Virginia 800-746-6768
Washington 800-552-0612
West Virginia 800-257-4747
Wisconsin 800-762-8975
Wyoming 307-635-2424

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