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Other: Watch “Oregon” – Chris Dudley

Chris Dudley Releases Third Web Video In Series Entitled, “Oregon”

For Immediate Release

Contact: Brittany Bramell

Thursday, December 10, 2009

[email protected]


LAKE OSWEGO – Friends of Chris Dudley today released the third in a series of three web videos featuring Chris Dudley. In each of the videos, Chris speaks directly to voters about the type of Governor that he would be and outlines his thoughts on Oregon’s current economic situation and hopes for our state’s future.  In addition to this week’s activity, Chris prepares for a major announcement next week as he considers his possible run for Governor.

The first web video entitled, “Change,” features Chris discussing the different kind of leadership a potential Dudley candidacy would bring.

Click Here to Watch “Change”

“Jobs,” released yesterday, focuses on Oregon’s job loss and the importance of creating jobs to get our state working again.

Click Here to Watch “Jobs”

The web video released today, entitled “Oregon,” features Chris discussing the importance of our Oregon lifestyle and why he is considering running for Governor.  In this video Chris states, “It’s this love of Oregon and my concern for its future that has led me to consider running for Governor.  Oregon has too few jobs and too few people creating jobs; a runaway fiscal crisis that threatens local school budgets; and plans to raise taxes that stifle growth and freeze economic opportunity.  We’ve got to do better.”

Click Here to Watch “Oregon”


Authorized And Paid For By Friends Of Chris Dudley

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