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AFP: Call to Action $9.12

Call to Action $9.12

$9.12 Campaign Donations

You are right to ask, “How could my small contribution of $9.12 help a candidate whom I believe shares my principles and values?”

At the end of 2009, a campaign finance report will be published for all candidates that have filed for the 2010 primaries. This list is carefully studied by the Democrat and Republican Parties, Political Action Committees, elected officials, TV and printed media reporters, and big dollar donors.. The dollar amounts contributed aren’t as important as who and how many people have donated to the candidate. Many unknown names with small contributions indicate strong grass roots support for a candidate.

We are all frustrated that many of our current elected officials ignore our e-mails and letters, and fail to listen and understand our point of view. Perhaps they believe we’ll just get tired of being ignored, and that we’ll just go away quietly.

Let’s send them a message they can’t ignore!

Please donate to your favorite candidate in any amount that contains $9.12.

Imagine the powerful message that will be delivered when the campaign contribution lists are flooded with donations containing $9.12! Our current elected officials will continue to ignore us at their own peril, and we will finally get the attention of the wayward national political parties.

It is an unfortunate fact of American politics that it takes lots of money to run a campaign. This is especially true when you consider that the other side has the massive resources of public sector unions and community action groups funded by deep pocket progressives.

So, it’s not enough to say our votes for a conservative candidates will spell the difference. We must show our support now!

The big dollar donors look very closely at the number of people who are supporting a given candidate. They are more willing to put their money behind these candidates if they think he or she has the support of the people.

So, what does your donation of $9.12 say?

It says: “We are out here and we’re not going away! We are fed up with the status quo, and want our country back!”

If you make your donation before the end of December, it will qualify as a deduction on your 2009 return. Donations can be made easily by going to the web site of your favorite candidate.

Make a statement, make an investment in 2010, and send a message that


website: 9.12 Project Salem

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