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ORP: The Oregon Republican

The Oregon Republican
Friday, December 18th

We need your help now to

Let’s Defeat Measures 66 & 67!

What can you do to help stop tax increases in Oregon?
CLICK HERE to volunteer!
With your help, our Phone Banks at 7 locations across the state will be buzzing for the next 6 weeks to help us win the campaign to defeat higher taxes on January 26th! Our Phone Bank Coordinators still have shifts available in the coming weeks so see below to find a phone bank in your area:

West Linn

Why volunteer?
There is a lot at stake in the upcoming tax referendum Special Election in January 2010! The Democrat leadership in Oregon has already signaled that if these tax increases were to pass, they would give the Democrats a mandate for their agenda and candidates in November 2010. Help us to Stop Job-Killing Taxes, and together we can define the 2010 election year and give a boost to the top-notch Republican candidates who are campaigning on the messages of lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in the May Primary and November General Election!

How your efforts make the difference
Our most important task in the fight to stop these tax increases is to organize and activate our grassroots volunteers to “Get Out The Vote” in the upcoming election. And one of the key components of our efforts in December is identifing Independents and Democrats with fiscal sense who also oppose these tax increases – we need your help to accomplish this critical job.

Please take a moment today to schedule a few hours of your valuable time!

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider making a tax-deductable contribution that will help us defeat these dangerous, job-killing tax increases. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW! You’ve only got until December 31st to use your 2009 Oregon Political Tax Credit which allows you to deduct up to $50 per individual and $100 per couple from your state taxes for this important cause!


Why would Oregon Legislators vote for more taxes
on Oregonians in the middle of a recession?

CLICK HERE to watch the ad

Even President Obama says, “The last thing you want
to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession”!

Oregon voters will decide the fate of the Measure 66 and Measure 67
taxes in a January Special Election – Help us to Get Out The Vote!!!

Make a donation during the month of December to help the
Oregon Republican Party to take back Oregon in 2010!

Your political contribution may be elegible
for the Oregon Political Tax Credit,
Click Here for details.

This is not the time for ‘easy’ solutions to the state’s problems
By Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-Salem)
Guest Opinion
December 15, 2009

Recently I wrote a check to the Oregon DMV for the registration of a personal vehicle.

I was reminded of the 50 percent increase in registration fees, along with over $1.6 billion in new taxes and fees that were passed in the 2009 legislative session, yielding an all-funds budget increase of $4.8 billion (9.3 percent increase), not the $2 billion cut that others proclaim.

While citizens are making difficult decisions personally, I wondered what benefit they would receive from these increases.

In October, the Statesman Journal reported on the first of 10 furlough days for state employees. The report focused on how these closures impacted our dedicated state employees and hard-working citizens being served.

Continue reading This is not the time for ‘easy’ solutions to the state’s problems at the ORP website

Thank you to the Oregon House Republicans caucus, Promote Oregon, for providing links to articles and opinion pieces by and about state legislators from publications across Oregon.

Dudley enters governor’s race
The Associated Press

PORTLAND – Former NBA center Chris Dudley has formally announced he is running for Oregon governor.

The 6-foot-11 Yale graduate told supporters Wednesday he wants to slow the growth of the state budget and considers his lack of political experience a plus.

“I believe it is a strength, not a weakness, that I have not spent the last 30 years in politics,” Dudley said.

Dudley said he also wants to reduce the cost of the Public Employees Retirement System, and he opposes a pair of tax measures on the January ballot aimed at boosting revenue by increasing taxes on wealthy Oregonians and big corporations.

Dudley, 44, played 16 years in the NBA, including two stints with the Portland Trail Blazers.

He will compete for the Republican nomination against Allen Alley, John Lim and Bill Sizemore.

Dudley was first approached this summer by Republicans hoping he would run for the congressional seat held by Democratic U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader.

Dudley reportedly decided he did not want to disrupt his family life by shuttling back and forth to Washington, D.C., but he did become
interested in running for governor.

He stayed out of the public eye while he put together his gubernatorial campaign, raising $373,000 so far – more than any of the other declared candidates.

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber and former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury are seeking the Democratic nomination.

The primaries are in May, with the general election to follow in November.

Continue reading Dudley enters the governor’s race at the ORP website

Schrader Outed Posing as “Fiscal Conservative”
Republican National Congression Committee
December 17, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-D) joined the Blue Dogs, a caucus of supposedly “fiscally conservative” Democrats – a group that has repeatedly stood by the side of liberal Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi as they force their reckless agenda through Congress and onto the American people. Just a few hours later, however, he voted to increase the country’s debt limit by about $300 billion, allowing Democrats to pile a new round of wasteful spending onto the backs of American taxpayers. Now, that’s hypocrisy.

“The Blue Dogs clearly appreciate irony as they welcome Kurt Schrader, a stimulus-backing, big-spending Pelosi puppet into their disingenuous club.  There’s nothing fiscally responsible about Schrader’s willingness to hand out taxpayer dollars with no apparent reason other than to bankrupt future generations of Americans,” said NRCC Spokesperson, Joanna Burgos.

Continue reading Schrader Outed Posing a “Fiscal Caonservative” on the ORP website

The Oregon Republican Party wants your opinion:


Results of last week’s poll: 2/3 of the respondants agreed that Congress should
drop the health care debate and focus on job creation and the economy.

Don’t forget to Click Here to give us your opinion on this week’s poll regarding
what the US Senate should do with the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Health Care Bill!

A “Taxing” 12 Days of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas,
my Legislature sent to me
the largest tax hike in Oregon his-tor-y

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my Legislature sent to me
Twelve months of private sector job losses,
Eleven months of public sector job increases,
Ten dollars times 1,000 corporate gross sales tax ,
Nine percent all funds budget growth,
Eight months of retro-active taxes,
Seventy thousand jobs on the line,
Sixty-six percent of Oregon small business owners impacted,
Five brand new tax brackets,
Four point seven billion dollar increase in state spending,
Three permanent tax hikes,
Two billion dollars in taxes and fees,
And the largest tax hike in Oregon his-tor-y!

Click Here to see the entire verse on the ORP website. Thank you to Anonymous, a registered Republican from Salem for this timely version of “12 Days of Christmas” to get us into the volunteer spirit! Want to help defeat the Job-Killing Taxes? CLICK HERE to volunteer!

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Just in time for the Holidays
GOP Store is Open for Business Online!

The RNC is pleased to announce the relaunch
of our online store of all things Republican!

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