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ORP: What’s the best present you can give to Oregon for 2009?

December 22, 2009

Dear Oregon Republican,

The Oregon Republican Party is working hard to promote the values of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and personal freedom. With Democrats in control of the Oregon Legislature and the Congress, it is clear how our work of restoring balance to government is more important now than ever before. With over a billion dollars in tax and fee increases at the state level, massive public stimulus spending, huge new federal taxes and the socialization of our health care system, the need for a change in leadership in Salem and Washington is vital!


This change has already begun, but we cannot make responsible government a reality without your help! Between where we are today and victory, we will need persistance, commitment, hard work, and dedicated supporters. Donations to the Oregon Republican Party will be used to communicate our message and recruit and support Republican candidates for offices who will be able to roll back the big government policies, higher taxes and liberal agenda of the Democrats.

This could not be a better time to contribute to the Oregon Republican Party. We are working hard to push back the $733 million in new taxes the Demoocrats in Salem are trying to put onto the backs of recession-weary Oregonians. This graph demonstrates the damaging effects that the Democrats’ rule in Salem has had on Oregon’s economy.  In just the past two years, private-sector jobs in Oregon have dropped by over 130,000, while government jobs have actually grown by over 5,000!  Oregon can’t afford to lose more jobs!


Measures 66 and 67, which are on the Special Election ballot in January will be seen as a bell-weather indicator for success in the 2010 state and national mid-term elections. With the open-seat race for Governor, as well as very competative Congressional and State Legislative races, this election can reset the course of Oregon for years to come.

By taking advantage of Oregon’s unique Political Tax Credit, you can financially support our Party and automatically deduct $50 per individual filer or $100 per couple from your gross income as a credit on your 2009 Oregon taxes. If you choose not to take advantage of the Political Tax Credit, your money will default to the State of Oregon – so why not support a cause you truly believe in?


Your $50 or $100 contribution can make a huge difference in bringing an end to these high tax, big government and freedom-stifling policies.  Will you join us?

You can conveniently submit your contribution in two ways, either by mail at the address below, or CLICK HERE TO DONATE online at our secure website.  Your donation must be made by December 31st to qualify for the 2009 Political Tax Credit.

Thank you for your dedication and support of the Oregon Republican Party.


Bob Tiernan
Chairman, Oregon Republican Party

Click here to make your secure online donation.

You can also send a check to:
Oregon Republican Party
P.O. Box 25406
Portland, Oregon 97298-0406

The time to contribute is NOW!

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