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AFP: “Cash for Clotures” Moves Health Bill Forward

Patients First a Project of Americans for Prosperity

Christmas is only a few days away and the Senate is working in the dead of night to make sure we get our government-run health care. It’s been rejected by the American people yet Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama do not care what you think or even what is in the bill. They just want to pass something.

Public opposition to a Washington takeover of health care has increased dramatically, but Reid and Pelosi have just retreated deeper into the recesses of the Capitol to craft their deal. In keeping with the pattern of corruption, secrecy and bribery that has defined this process so far, Reid was able to purchase the last few votes needed for cloture over the weekend. In the vernacular of 2009, Reid has started his own program of “Cash for Cloture.”

Please donate today to stop this bill before it reaches the President’s desk.

Real health care reform has been replaced by backroom deals and Chicago-style politics. This is blatant vote buying and it will not lead to lower premiums, better access to care, or quicker implementation – you still have to wait til 2014 for benefits to begin! But, you’ll start paying for it immediately with $500 billion in new taxes and over $400 billion in cuts to Medicare.

What are these guys selling us? More than 2,700 pages of complex legislation filled with mandates, regulations, taxes and over 100 new bureaucracies to manage your health care. Billions of dollars in special favors to buy the votes of Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Chris Dodd and other key senators.

Meanwhile, the opponents of the bill face a barrage of insults: they are un-American (Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer), similar to supporters of slavery (Senate Majority Leader Reid), supported by Nazis (Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse) and at the very least, victims of “fishy” information (Linda Douglass, spokesman for the White House Health Czar).

It’s time to start over and stand firmly against insurance company bailouts and cash for cloture deals that make the U.S. Senate look more like the New York Stock Exchange.

Patients First Team

P.S. We need your contribution today to stop government-run health care before it gets to the President’s desk.


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