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ORP: A few hours of your time can change Oregon’s future!

A few hours of your time in the next few weeks
can help save up to 70,000 Oregon jobs!

Help us Defeat Measures 66 & 67 in January!

Here is what you can do to help stop tax increases in Oregon by telling your neightbors to vote NO on M66 and M67:

CLICK HERE to volunteer a few hours of your time! With your help, our phone banks at 7 locations across the state are making calls to help win the campaign to defeat higher taxes! Our Phone Bank coordinators still have shifts available in the next few weeks – click here to volunteer NOW!

Click Here to watch the NEW TV ad!

Why we need your help:
There is a lot at stake in the upcoming tax referendum Special Election in January 2010! The Democrat leadership in Oregon has already signaled that if these tax increases were to pass, they would give the Democrats a mandate for their agenda and candidates in November 2010. Help us to Stop Job-Killing Taxes, and together we can define the 2010 election year and give a boost to the top-notch Republican candidates who are campaigning on the messages of lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in the May Primary and November General Election!

How your efforts make the difference:
Our most important task in the fight to stop these tax increases is to organize and activate our grassroots volunteers to “Get Out The Vote” in the upcoming election. And one of the key components of our efforts in right now is identifing Independents and Democrats with fiscal sense who also oppose these tax increases – we need your help to accomplish this critical job.

So, please take a moment today to schedule a few hours of your valuable time in the weeks to come! Please help us to fill our phone banks! We need to keep the phones ringing, and defeat the taxes on January 26th!

Thank you,

Bob Tiernan
Oregon Repubican Party

P.S. Voters Pamphlets will be arriving at your door any day now. Click Here to read an editorial from the Albany Democrat Herald about the “Arguments in Opposition” and Click Here to read the Top Ten Whoppers from the Job Stoppers!

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