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ORP: The Oregon Republican: January 1, 2009

The Oregon Republican
Friday, January 1st

Republican Prospects:
2010 Will Be a Year of Resurgence for the Party!

With the recent Gallup Poll saying that President Obama approval rating slips to 49% after 10 months in office, more Americans say it is not the Federal Government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have health care coverage. Now is our chance to remind Oregonians about the fundamental Republican values of personal freedom and personal responsibility.

According to the latest Rasmussen Report most Americans think the excessive spendng of the Obama administration has hurt, not helped the economy. “Republican candidates now lead Democrats by five points in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot,” according to Rassmusen.

The latest numbers highlight a remarkable change in the political environment during 2009. When President Obama was inaugurated, the Democrats enjoyed a seven-point advantage on the Generic Ballot. That means the GOP has made a net gain of 12-percentage points over the course of the year. Support for Democrats has declined four points since the inauguration while Republican support is up eight points. The poll concludes that the economy remains the top issue among voters in terms of importance.

During 2009 the Oregon Republican Party has prepared for a resurgence of our party in the 2010 midterm elections. Today we are stronger, better financed, better organized and enjoying candidate recruiting successes and are prepared to win in 2010!

You are a valued member of our Oregon Republican Party team! Volunteer with the Oregon Republican Party, contribute money, help Republican candidates this year. As Oregon and American realize the Democrats have put us on the worng track, our principled core values of freedom, fiscal and personal responsibility and smaller, more affordable, constitutionally sound government increasingly appeals to others. Our Oregon Republican Party is ready to lead Oregon back to prosperity again!

Click Here to learn more about how you can get involved with the Oregon Republican Party!

A few hours of your time in the next few weeks
can help save up to 70,000 Oregon jobs!

Help us Defeat Measures 66 & 67 in January!

Here is what you can do to help stop tax increases in Oregon:

CLICK HERE to volunteer a few hours of your time! With your help, our phone banks at 7 locations across the state are making calls to help win the campaign to defeat higher taxes! Our Phone Bank coordinators still have shifts available in the next few weeks – click here to volunteer NOW!

There is a lot at stake in the upcoming tax referendum Special Election in January 2010! The Democrat leadership in Oregon has already signaled that if these tax increases were to pass, they would give the Democrats a mandate for their agenda and candidates in November 2010. Help us to Stop Job-Killing Taxes, and together we can define the 2010 election year and give a boost to the top-notch Republican candidates who are campaigning on the messages of lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in the May Primary and November General Election!

Help us Get Out The Vote:
This is an essential element of any grassroots campaign. Our Victory Phone Banks rely greatly on volunteer time by citizens like you!

Take a moment today to schedule a few hours of your valuable time in the weeks to come! Please help us to fill our phone banks! We need to keep the phones ringing, and defeat the taxes on January 26th!

Click Here for more info about how you can help to Stop the Job-Killing Tax Measures!

Why would Oregon Legislators increase
government spending in the middle of a recession?

CLICK HERE to watch the new ad

January 26th: Your chance to tell us what you think
of the Tax & Spenders in Salem!

Join the Washington County Republicans for an upcoming event

Stop “Over the Top” Taxes & Runaway Government Spending

Tuesday, January 5th 2010
7:00PM to 10:00PM

Beaverton Resource Center
Community Room
12500 SW Allen Blvd
Beaverton, Oregon

Click Here for additional details and to download a printable event flyer

Make a donation to the Oregon Republican Party
in the New Year and help us get 2010 off to a strong start!

Your political contribution may be elegible
for the Oregon Political Tax Credit,
Click Here for details.

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