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ORP: Action Alert – Help GOTV to Stop Measures 66 & 67 – Only 2 more weeks!

January 13, 2010

Dear supporter,

This is crunch time.

Most Oregon voters have already received their ballots. Many have already voted.

Please vote NO on Measures 66 and 67 and return your ballot today!

Time is short and you can make a difference. We only have two weeks remaining to turn out our voters and make sure Oregonians have the facts about these job-killing taxes.

Economists say these measures will cost tens of thousands of Oregonians their jobs. If these measures pass, we will all pay more for groceries, gas and other services.  We need more jobs, not job-killing taxes.

The best way to reach voters with information on these job-killing tax measures is with the help of volunteers like you! We’ve already had thousands of volunteers across Oregon give their time to defeating these taxes.  What can you do now?  Sign up now to volunteer just a few hours at one of the Vote NO phone banks!

Again, be a part of the effort to defeat these taxes and take a moment today to schedule a few hours of your valuable time in the next two weeks!

With your help, we can protect Oregon families and small businesses from higher taxes.

Thank you,

Andrew Over
Executive Director
Oregon Republican Party

P.S. – We only have 2 weeks until Election Day! Help send the message to politicians in Salem:  Oregon needs more jobs, not more taxes!

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