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Other: Dudley Campaign Update

Dudley Campaign Update

Chris kicked off this month with a visit to the Roseburg Rotary where he received a warm reception and some great suggestions on how to get Oregon back to work.  Special thank you to the Rotarians and the Roseburg community for hosting us – it was a great day.  Take a minute to check out the pictures here!

While in town, he caught up with The News Review:  “Oregon needs to reign in its state spending, Dudley told 100 people who attended a luncheon of the Rotary Club of Roseburg at Kowloon Restaurant. He also said the state needs to regain the trust of residents who believe spending is out of control in Salem.” Read the full story here.

Following his trip to Roseburg, the East Oregonian wrote a can’t miss editorial stating that Chris “offers the state its greatest chance to say goodbye to business as usual” Read the full editorial here.

This past Saturday, Chris headed down to Eugene to address the 40th Annual Associated Oregon Logger’s convention (Check out a pic here.) It was a great event with good, thoughtful questions and suggestions from the audience.

The coming months are going to take Chris all over Oregon to discuss the future of our state. One event that we are especially looking forward to is the Dorchester Conference on March 5th- 7th in Seaside.  Click here for information on how you can register to attend this weekend event!

With the voting deadline just around the corner, make sure you drop off your ballot or put it in the mail for the upcoming election on Ballot Measures 66 & 67!

Thank you for your continued support,

Team Dudley

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