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Concerned Oregonians: Scott Brown Elected! What does it mean?

Concerned Oregonians
Scott Brown’s election to the Senate:

what it means to Concerned Oregonians

Election Edition Jan. 20, 2010
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Victory in Senate Race!
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Concerned Oregonians PAC was created to confront those evils that are compromising our constitutional rights.  I do not know much about Sen. elect Scott Brown yet, but if he is the kind of conservative he appears to be, he will help Americans to recover some of the freedom we have been losing.  This edition of our newsletter celebrates what his supporters have just achieved.  Let us remember that if we had more representatives like him in Oregon and across the nation, our unalienable rights would be much safer.

Craig Myers

Scott Brown Victory Party


Last night we saw a stunning electoral upset when Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown’ triumphed over Democrat Martha Coakley in the race for the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.  This was the latest in a consistent series of similar upsets occurring in other blue states such as New Jersey, Virginia, and New York.  Why is this happening and what does it mean us in Oregon?

Scott Brown campaigned strongly against nationalized healthcare, disregard for national security, an ever-expanding government that is increasingly incompetent and dependent on ever-increasing taxes, and the arrogance of his opponent.  Sen. elect Brown’s supporters, like those in NJ and Virginia and NY have been energized by a clear recognition that fundamental American values have been violated by their elected representatives.  It is now clear, that until America’s elected officials respect those values, their usefulness as representatives is over.

Most Americans respect the God of the Bible, personal accountability, and individual liberty, all of which are enshrined in our nation’s Constitution and its original laws.  These are the very things that today’s progressive socialist politicians oppose.  The Great Society welfare state mentality of the past 45 years has encouraged a breakdown of morality, marriage, and the family.  Out of wedlock births have grown from 3% to 40%, and the problem is no longer just teen pregnancy.   The poverty caused by these single moms and irresponsible dads has resulted in the taxpayers being called upon to provide them with services of every description.

A large percentage of Americans are paying no taxes, yet voting for politicians who promise more socialist welfare programs, and now bailouts, that take an ever-increasing percentage of the income of those who do pay taxes.  At what point does this system collapse under its own weight, with the overburdened responsible Americans finally refusing to continue to provide the safety net for the irresponsible?  It appears that that moment has arrived.

America’s response has come in the form of both social and fiscal conservatism.  The fiscal conservatives are now plainly visible, having taken to the streets and phone banks in support of politicians like Brown, who aren’t using our tax dollars to buy themselves more power.  The social conservatives are not so easy to identify, but they are also organizing and attending Tea Party protests and supporting candidates who will stand up for what is right.  They will support a candidate who admits that sexual promiscuity destroys marriage, and accounts for virtually all of the 4 in 10 children born out of wedlock and into a life of poverty.  They know that Biblical morality, and not an additional million abortions a year, is necessary to restore America spiritually and economically.  These conservative candidates will not be afraid to admit that God, and not secular humanist government, is America’s hope for the future.

When you vote on measure 66 and 67, consider why some of Oregon’s legislators can justify a 9.4% increase in the state budget during a severe recession.  These are virtually the same legislators who voted for sexual promiscuity in 2007 when they passed House Bill 2007 and Senate Bill 2, creating gay civil unions in Oregon and promoting homosexuality in public schools.  It is no coincidence that those who oppose God’s principles of morality are eager to shift the resulting tax burden onto those who do.

Time For Action


Our Concerned Oregonians newsletter will start containing links to conservative videos that may be of interest to you.  I hope you will relax and enjoy keeping up-to-date with engaging and entertaining videos as much as I do.  The months leading up to the November elections will provide many opportunities for inspiration and political satire.  See video link to “No On Measure 66 & 67” in box at top left of this page, and please share your comments.

Happy viewing!

Craig Myers

Executive Director, Concerned Oregonians
Salem, OR

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