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AFP: Who Do You Know Who Hasn’t Voted NO?

AFP Oregon
All indications are that today’s votes on Measures 66 & 67 are going to be close.  As we’ve been saying for a couple of weeks, every single vote is important – and could be critical.

Please make an effort to contact anyone you know and make sure they have voted.  Completed ballots must be delivered to a ballot drop-off site – you can find out where yours are from your local Elections Office, and there are probably lists in your local paper.

Your phone call or email to a friend could make the difference – one of our Chapter Leaders has found 8 “NO” votes today by contacting friends, neighbors and co-workers – people who had not yet voted and were not planning to.

Please make every effort to ensure your friends, neighbors, colleagues and co-workers have all voted in this election.

This email was sent to [email protected] by Matt Evans
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