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AFP: A big night

Americans for Prosperity

Last night from Hot Springs, Arkansas I watched with over 300 grassroots activists at our Americans for Prosperity town hall meeting as President Obama attempted one of the more embarrassing political conversions in American history. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO FOOTAGE OF AFP GRASSROOTS TOWN HALL MEETINGS ACROSS THE NATION.

Arkansas Event Picture
Speaking at our Arkansas Townhall

The president attempted to pass himself off as a job-creating, fiscally responsible political leader.  Sadly, Americans know better because they witnessed his big-government, tax-and-spend liberal agenda all last year.

When the president claimed his health care takeover would actually lower the budget deficit, the crowd at our town hall meeting roared with laughter.  They know a new trillion-dollar entitlement that creates dozens of new government programs will actually blow the budget deficit through the roof.

When the president said he still supports genuine earmark reform, our crowd groaned.  They know he actually signed a budget this past year that contains more than 8,500 pork barrel earmarks.

When the president renewed his call for the radical environmental movement’s top priority – the job-killing cap-and-trade scheme – our crowd booed.  They know cap-and-trade will raise taxes on gasoline and utility bills, kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and infringe on the freedoms of individual Americans.

When the president disingenuously attacked lobbyists and special interests, our crowd just shook their heads.  They know he has 11 former high-powered lobbyists in key positions in his administration and that lobbyists and special interests were directly involved in the secret negotiations that attempted to move the health care takeover bill through Congress.

When the president hypocritically called for a federal government spending “freeze,” our crowd expressed their anger.  They know this president ran an outrageous $1.4-trillion budget deficit last year and increased non-defense discretionary spending by almost 50%.  And, they know his “freeze” actually exempts over 80% of the total federal budget!

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Here’s the good news.  Despite the president’s misleading speech and despite the massive liberal majorities in Congress…WE ARE WINNING.  Our conservative, pro-freedom, low tax, less government principles are winning.

That’s why the president was compelled to voice so many of our principles in his speech. He and his advisors know the American people are with us.  They know our fellow citizens are rejecting their liberal, big-government agenda.

But, know this.  His deeds will have to match his rhetoric, or the American people will continue rejecting his administration.

Thank you for standing and fighting for your freedoms over the last year.  You’re making a difference.  Think about the difference 1 year makes, or 6 months makes or even a week makes.

It’s going to be a big year filled with twists and turns.  Buckle your seat belt!Tim Phillip's Signature

Tim Phillips

PS:  Check out the video of Americans for Prosperity’s town hall meetings from across the nation last night.  CLICK HERE.  From Nevada to New Hampshire and from Virginia to Colorado, grassroots activists gathered to hear our side of the story and then to listen to the president.  You’ll see their reactions and their energy.

What did YOU think of the speech? What is the state of the union, from your perspective? Tell us! Grab your camera and make a short video (less than 5 minutes), upload it to YouTube, and then send the link to [email protected]. Check our site at to see your response online and see what more of We the People have to say! Stay tuned for more details – our response is just beginning. Also, be sure to follow me on Facebook and send me your thoughts there.Like what Americans for Prosperity is doing? Invest in our work by clicking here. We’re supported by our more than 900,000 citizen-activists nationwide. Your contribution in any amount will go a long way in promoting free-market policies at all levels of government – local, state and federal. Thanks!

Americans for Prosperity® (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFP has more than 900,000 members, including members in all 50 states, and 25 state chapters. More than 55,000 Americans in all 50 states have made a financial investment in AFP or AFP Foundation.

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