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The Oregon Republican
Friday, January 29th


The Oregon Republican Party would like to thank everyone for their time, passion and dedication in our fight against these permanent job-killing taxes.  Although we did not succeed in defeating these tax measures, it was a fight worth fighting. We fought on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who believe we can’t tax our way out of a recession and in the need to limit out-of-control government spending.

Now, more than ever, we need a change of direction in Salem and Washington, D.C.  Please join us in staying energized for the 2010 election cycle which promises to be successful for the Republican Party!

We look forward to working with you in 2010 to elect Republicans across Oregon!

In Our View: C’mon Over!
Oregon voters deliver two more reasons for businesses to move to Clark County
Thursday January 28, 2010

Whatever government revenue might be generated by the passage of Measures 66 and 67 in Oregon on Tuesday, make no mistake that one result is simple and straightforward. It has allowed those who make decisions with taxpayer dollars to skate. Rather than solving the problem of paying too much out to everything — including salaries and benefits to Oregon state workers — legislators simply asked for, and received, more.

We hope Washington state is not next, but we suspect that all states — including ours — are in the reaching-deeper-into-our-pockets mood instead of getting their expenses under control.

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Taxpayer Ambush in Oregon
The public unions win in Portland

Editorial Board
Thursday January 28, 2010

It’s not often that citizens vote for higher taxes, but 54% of Oregonians have done precisely that. In a rolling month-long referendum by mail that ended Tuesday, they approved some $700 million in tax hikes on business and wealthy residents. The highest income tax rate in the state moves to 11% from 9%, which will give Oregon close to the highest rate in the nation. (New York City residents pay 12.6%.) This ballot outcome runs contrary to the current public mood about spending and taxes, so it’s worth exploring how it happened.

First, a deluge of money. Local and national public employee unions bankrolled the “yes” campaign, with a $6.5 million blitz in TV and radio ads. That was $2 million more than the business community and taxpayer advocates raised. The cash helped the tax increase roll up a 71% margin in the liberal precincts in and around Portland, even as it lost in most of the rest of the state.The union message was also as clever as it was disingenuous: All of these taxes will be paid by someone else, such as Wall Street bankers, out-of-state credit card companies, CEOs. Only the richest 2.5% will pay a little more in taxes, the unions also claimed.

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House Republicans offer agenda for Special Session
Focus on jobs, health care, government accountability in February

Wednesday January 27, 2010

SALEM—House Republicans will introduce legislation in February to put Oregonians back to work, make health care more affordable, and increase accountability in state government. House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) said the Legislature must refocus on the state’s struggling economy after a divisive special election. “The referenda and special election show that many Oregonians are frustrated with the state’s direction,” Rep. Hanna said. “With the Legislature convening on Monday, it’s time for us to focus on what matters most- putting Oregonians back to work.”

To create jobs, House Republicans will re-introduce the Main Street Incentive plan to encourage businesses and homeowners to immediately invest in their properties through a tax credit. Other measures include providing a job creation tax credit to businesses that create new jobs, and helping small businesses retain employees by allowing them to defer state taxes until the economy improves.

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