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The Oregon Republican
Friday, February 5

Tiernan says Walden Leadership Appointment
well deserved and will be good for Oregon

Thursday February 4, 2010

Portland, Ore. – ORP Chairman Bob Tiernan said today, “The appointment of  Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) to serve as House GOP Leadership Chairman is a testament to Congressman Walden’s dedication and hard work on behalf of the people of Oregon and the Republican Party. I want to congratulate Congressman Walden on this well deserved appointment and commend Leader Boehner on his selection.  I look forward to continue working with Congressman Walden in this new role to promote the Republican agenda to reduce wasteful government spending and promote economic prosperity.”

House Republican Leader Boehner said of the appointment, “Greg Walden is a proven leader and a champion for smaller, more accountable government.  We need him at the leadership table as we enter this critical year for our country, and I deeply appreciate his willingness to serve as our leadership chairman.”

Congressman Walden responded, “I am humbled by Leader Boehner’s trust to serve in this leadership capacity. Having been a small business owner through both good times and bad, I look forward to using that experience at the leadership table to help continue to push the Republican case for common sense policies that create more jobs, not bigger government and more reckless spending.  The American people expect Republicans to develop sound policy alternatives, and I am eager to help contribute to the good work already being done in that area.”

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Why Chicago Loves Portland

Mayor Daley has his eye on jobs from high-tax Oregon

Tuesday, February 2. 2010
Wall Street Journal Editorial

For virtuous tax competition, we usually think of Hong Kong. But who would have thought of Chicago as a lower-tax refuge?

The bright idea comes from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who is looking to lure employers from Oregon after that state’s voters approved a huge tax increase last week. The tax hike in Oregon “will help our economic development immediately. You’d better believe it,” Hizzoner told the Chicago Sun Times late last week. “We’ll be out in Oregon enticing corporations to relocate to Chicago.”

Oregon raised its top income tax rate to 11% from 9% and its corporate rate to 7.9% from 6.6%, while doubling many small business tax charges and fees. “What happened in Oregon is not good news for Oregon,” explains Mr. Daley. “They believe that anybody who makes $125,000 or more [annually] or businesses or anyone who makes $250,000—they’re gonna start taxing them. They call them ‘rich people.'”

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Chris Dudley Tells Mayor Daley “I’m Ready To Defend Our Jobs, Our Workers, And Our Businesses”

Tuesday, Chris Dudley sent the following letter to the Honorable Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago, in response to his remarks stating that he will “be out in Oregon enticing corporations to relocate to Chicago” following the passing of Measures 66 and 67:

Dear Mayor Daley,

I have followed with interest your recent statement about coming to Oregon to steal our jobs and businesses. If you pursue this idea, rest assured you will find me ready to defend our jobs, our workers and our businesses. Having spent 16 years in the NBA, l know how to block shots and play defense and I am looking forward to a little one-on-one with you to protect and defend Oregon’s future.  If the current crowd in Salem won’t stand up for Oregon – I will.

Continue reading Dudley’s letter to Mayor Daley at

Democrats and Republicans vote to override veto on PERS bill
Press Release issued by both Senate Democrat Office and Republican Office

February 4th, 2010

Salem, OR – The Oregon Senate voted this morning to override a veto of Senate Bill 897 from the 2009 session. Democratic and Republican Leaders agreed that the bill is crucial to protecting public employees from unfair retirement calculation errors. The bill passed the Senate 28 – 0 in the 2009 legislative session. “A retiree shouldn’t be responsible for state agency math errors,” said Senate Republican leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “Under a policy advanced by the current administration and defended by Governor Ted Kulongoski’s veto, if bureaucrats screw up, retirees lose. That is wrong, and this bill sets things right.”

The bill is intended to protect fairness and encourage accountability in Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). The bill allows more PERS retirees to purchase health insurance benefits, allows all eligible service to be credited towards retirement, and allows a retiree to occupy the Board position designated for a PERS member. “Both Democrats and Republicans feel strongly that public employees deserve accountability and reliability when planning for their retirement,” said Senate Majority Leader Richard Devlin (D-Tualatin). “It’s a basic issue of fairness. A person who is retiring should know what their retirement will look like ahead of time and shouldn’t be surprised after the fact.”

Continue reading “Democrats and Republicans vote to override veto on PERS bill” at Oregon Catalyst

Core Functions of Government Legislation Gets Hearing
House Bill 3614, Core Functions of Government Legislation sponsored by State Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer, Newberg, St. Paul) is scheduled for a public hearing next Wednesday, February 10th, 2010.

This measure will provide critical tools for managing spending in State Government by establishing the priorities. You are encouraged to come testify or send emails and letters of support to members of the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Government Accountability.

For background on this measure Click Here

Special Session begins with big property grab bill
SB 1060, Navigability & Public Access to Private Property
February 2, 2010
Oregon Farm Bureau

SB 1060 will be the largest private property grab of the special session.  The bill grants access to the public to beds and banks up to the high water mark on “floatable” water ways throughout Oregon.  Floatable is defined that the waterway has the capacity to enable a boat or other vessels to progress regardless of the presence of rapids, expose cobble or other objects that may impede passage.

Under this legislation, a landowner or operator of properties adjacent to waterways cannot restrict the public’s access to private property.  However, it does allow a process for state agencies that have management authority over properties to close them the public.

Continue reading Special Session begins with big property grab on the ORP website

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This TV Commercial demonstrates what is possible!  Stay Tuned, Oregon!


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