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AFP: Does Gore Feel the Chill?

As I write to you this morning, the snow of our second blizzard-like storm of the week is piling up outside.

Ironically, President Obama picked this week to announce the formation of a new global warming bureaucracy within the Department of Commerce.  The news conference announcing this new “climate service” had to be canceled due to our D.C. area blizzard.

How out of touch is the radical environmental movement that, sadly, has a deep hold on the Obama Administration?

The Department of Commerce news release announcing the new “climate service” actually said the following, “More and more Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards…”

There’s more.  The release, paid for with your tax dollars, goes on to say that “People are searching for relevant and timely information about these changes to inform decision making about VIRTUALLY ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR LIFE).” (emphasis added)

This kind of out-of-touch left-wing extremism inspired us here at Americans for Prosperity to create a new video I think you’ll find interesting CLICK HERE

But even worse, the Obama Administration, in pursuit of their radical environmental goals, is still pursuing a cap-and-trade agenda that will kill jobs, raise utility bills and gas prices and infringe on our freedoms.

For the last two years, we’ve fought their radical agenda tooth-and-nail with the help of folks like you.  We’ve held over 80 “Hot Air Tour” balloon rallies from Bozeman, Montana to Jacksonville, Florida and from Little Rock, Arkansas to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to raise awareness of the Left’s cap-and-trade energy tax and to get activists to call and email their Senators and Congressmen to vote against it.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THESE RALLIES AND OUR EFFORT

Despite the fact that a Pew Foundation poll showed Americans rank “combating global warming” dead last on their list of priorities, President Obama used his recent State of the Union speech to once again demand passage of his cap-and-trade legislation. They even wrote a blank line in the federal budget labeled “allowance for climate policy” to keep secret how much they plan to tax and spend via cap-and-trade.  So, the cap-and-trade fight is not over.

Even worse, Obama is not waiting for Congress.  The president is now intent on using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to bypass Congress and move full steam ahead to enforce the Left’s global warming agenda.

Soon after President Obama’s election, this un-elected bureaucracy issued a “finding” that greenhouse gas emissions endanger human health and welfare and therefore should be regulated by the EPA.  Now, the EPA is moving to impose job-killing, freedom-encroaching regulations and mandates on American businesses – at a time when our economy is desperately struggling to create jobs and rebuild prosperity.  Over 40,000 AFP activists put official comments in at the EPA on this issue.  But to win, we will have to convince Congress to step in and stop the EPA.

Fortunately, there are now serious bipartisan efforts underway in both the House and Senate to do just that – block the EPA’s outrageous global warming power grab and return the power to make our country’s laws to Congress.

At Americans for Prosperity, we’re going to be announcing in the near future an intensive effort to combat this job killing EPA power grab.  So stay tuned!  In the meantime, please take a moment to click here and let your members of Congress know that if they fail to stop the EPA, you will hold them responsible for the consequences.

I hope you’re safe and sound at home if you live in the path of this storm.  And you can just look out in your “backyard” for the devastating “impacts” of climate change (that’s what global warming is apparently called during blizzards!).

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Tim Phillips

P.S.The Left is coming back in 2010 with a powerful new attempt to push through their radical environmental agenda.  And they are intent to bypass Congress and do it through the EPA.  Please take a moment to CLICK HERE to let your members of Congress know you understand the stakes and will hold them responsible if they let EPA get away with it.

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