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February 2010
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ORP: Oregon State Republican convention and request for support



The Oregon Republican Party, ORP, held a highly successful convention in Portland this last Saturday. Over 150 delegates and guests attended.

HIGHPOINT: The highpoints of the event were speeches given by the three Republican Candidates for Governor, Allen Alley, Chris Dudley and John Lim. The Candidates spent most of the day mingling with the Central committee members. All three candidates demonstrated their ability to convey their views and impressive qualifications. All are excellent candidates however it seemed to most that Allen Alley won the day with a highly energized and motivated presentation of his views and goals for Oregon.

HIGHPOINT: Another high point of the day was a panel consisting of Rob Rollinger, internet and tech specialist, Victoria Taft, Portland radio talk show host,  Mike Riley, political pollster , Paulette Pyle, OFS director and natural resource advocate, Dave Reinhart, columnist and political consultant and Matt Wingard, State Representative.  They discussed their views of the recently lost Measure 66 & 67 vote. All were highly complementary of the coordination and effort put out by the ORP to try to stop these Job Killing Taxes.

HIGHPOINT: Greg Graves – Political Field Director for the Republican Governor’s Association, RGA, spoke on the potential for Oregon candidates and Republican Governors Nationwide. Oregon’s Republican nominee for governor will stand to draw significant support from the RGA if he demonstrates the team talent, fund raising capacity and platform that the RGA feels is a winning combination. The RGA has between $30M and $40M to spend on 37 governors races.

HIGHPOINT: Presentations by Greg Leo and others demonstrate the awesome web, internet and high tech capacity of the upgraded ORP. Their website, Face book, information distribution and media use technologies are truly impressive.

ACTION ITEM: During 2007 and 2008 the ORP fell on difficult economic times and felt it necessary to borrow money from private individuals. The ORP has not had the ability to pay off these loans to date.

One of those lenders is himself a national hero of WWII and one of the famous ‘Band of Brothers’. He has been in failing health and has asked to be paid off in full due to his personal situation. The 5 Chairmen from the Congressional Districts have pledged to raise $2000 each from their Districts to assist in paying off this loan.

I am sure you are asking is “why should I help pay off past debts of the ORP”?? The answer to that is because the ORP has been working very hard for you and below I have listed its many accomplishments and plans for the future to help you as a citizen of Oregon. The following list is only a partial of what the ORP has been up to for your sake and for the future of Oregon.

Ø The ORP has come out with a strong position of support for and consensus to work with and alongside the new and productive grass roots efforts across the state.

Ø The ORP has joined in joint training programs with Oregon Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, the 9/12 project and many other grass roots groups across the state. An example of this being productive was that we had over 750 volunteers to man phone banks for the measure 66-67 campaign.

Ø The ORP is running an efficient, positive cash flow program.

Ø The ORP raised over $776,000 last year to go toward setting the stage for wins in 2010!

Ø The ORP has paid off paid off about $150,000 of past carried over debt in this last year!

Ø The ORP has, in place, one of the top three internet technology teams and programs in the country. Check out our new website at; It may be the best State Party website in the country!

Ø The ORP was an instrumental leader in the effort to stop the devastating taxes imposed by Measures 66 and 67. During that effort we obtained over 35,000 petition signatures for each measure and made over 800,000 phone contacts for the special election.

Ø It the past year the ORP has increased its email list from some 4500 to over 200,000!

Ø The ORP has been given the most technologically advanced, automated phone system of any State Republican Party in the Nation….. courtesy of the RNC!

Ø The ORP has entered into an aggressive agreement to repay private loans taken out in 2007-2008.

Ø The ORP has initiated a program to make sure that each and every House and Senate District will have a qualified Republican on the ballot.

Ø The State of Oregon is in a good position to get substantial support for the Republicans Governors Association for our 2010 Nominee for Governor. The RGA has some $30M to $40M TO support 37 gubernatorial races. We will get our share if the ORP can help build a strong statewide team for our Nominee.

Ø And most importantly, the ORP is dedicated to helping elect strong Americans who will help us back on the track to the Nation and State that we all want for us, our children and our grand children.

Please dig deep and help me make my goal of $2000 in donations to pay off our loan to a true national hero.  He helped us over and over again and now is our time to repay him for his service and support.

Any donation amount will be helpful. You can send your Checks made out to the Oregon Republican Party EARMARKED for the “Loan Repayment Fund, 2nd CD”, to me  at;  P.O.  Box 1326, Hines, Oregon,  97738 or to the Oregon Republican Party, P.O. Box 25406, Portland, Oregon 97298-0406

It’s time for all of us come together and to do our part.

Tim K Smith

Working for You as Your Chairman, 2nd Congressional District, ORP

February 9, 2010

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