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AFP: Stop the Waterway Land Grab

AFP Oregon
February 15, 2010

AFP-Oregon needs you to act immediately to stop a Legislative attempt to take away the rights of waterway property owners.  We are encouraging our Members to contact their State Representative and Senator to urge them to oppose an effort to give the State more control of waterways in Oregon.  For generations, the State has been able to claim public “ownership” of certain parts of the state’s rivers and streams that were “navigable.”  In recent months, Legislators have been discussing changing the defintions so that even more of the bed and banks of waterways are removed from private ownership, fall under State ownership, and become available to recreational users.  None of these changes – despite clearly being a “taking” of private property under the constitution – are accompanied by compensation to the private landowners who will lose their property rights, nor protections for them in the event of abuse of their property by recreational users.

SB 1060 was recently amended in Committee so that it now creates a “task force” to review public use of waterways with the clear goal of moving more of these lands under State control.  AFP-Oregon believes this is a clearly a private property rights issue and the entire matter should be shelved rather then studied.

AFP Members are encouraged to CLICK HERE to send an email message to their State Senator and Representative urging them to vote against SB 1060 when it comes to the floor.  It is estimated the bill may reach the Senate floor February 16.

Thank you for taking action to stop this legislation.

Yours in Freedom,

Jeff Kropf, State Director


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